Dublin Hackathon

To get the most out of my trip to Dublin, we are hoping to do a Hackathon in Dublin on this Saturday. If you are interested, please RSVP.

For existing Jenkins developers, this event provides an opportunity to meet other fellow Jenkins developers who you've only known by their e-mail! For people who are interested in writing plugins or hacking core, the event provides an opportunity to ask questions and get answers right away.

If you don't know what specifically to hack on, no worries --- we can show you low-hanging fruits that you can work on, on the spot. And if people are interested, I can demo some of the work getting done in the core to benefit plugin developers.

Looking forward to see you!

Event Date/Time: 
Sat, 2011-07-16 04:00

Project Meeting - July 6th

Agenda is located on the wiki

Hope to see you there :)

Event Date/Time: 
Wed, 2011-07-06 11:00

Jenkins Office Hours, now officially a bi-weekly event

In May, we launched Jenkins Office Hours. This was inspired by Jenkins Ruby hack sessions by cowboyd, and the idea is to use an interactive online meeting to drive some sub-projects, bootstrap new plugin developers by pointing them to the right extension points, and/or bringing existing community members to discuss some specific key parts of Jenkins and its plugins.

The first two meetings were very popular, but our trial WebEx account expired, and since then we were looking for a sponsor to host this event. And I am happy to report that with a help from Max Spring, now we can get the office hours going again.

So the Jenkins office hours will be bi-weekly events, starting this Wednesday (6/29). See the wiki page for details and agenda. Looking forward to seeing you!

Ruby Plugins Hack Session Notes 6/23/2011

You know that the night is going to be productive whenever @kohsukekawa shows up, and last night was no exception. We talked about problems on the horizon, potential solutions, and then I spent the last half hour ripping a bit of code.

The truth of the matter is that most of the changes that have to be done to Jenkins core have already been made, so now the bulk of the heavy lifting falls to the Ruby side of things (right now, me).

Anyhow, on to the notes!


@kohsukekawa, @cowboyd

extract more stuff into the jenkins-plugins.rb support library (@cowboyd)

We're in the process of extracting, normalizing, documenting all the goop that's currently residing in the ruby plugins playground into a formal plugin support gem called jenkins-plugins https://github.com/cowboyd/jenkins-plugins.rb

recruit Rubyists to implement non-Jenkins specific code (@kohsukekawa)

If you know Ruby and would like to be able to write Jenkins plugins with it, but don't know the first thing about Jenkins and/or JRuby, that's OK.

Jenkins Meetup and Hackathon at JAX Conference San Jose

JAX Conference is starting Monday in San Jose, so we are taking advantage of this gathering of Java developers and organizing a hackathon and meetup tomorrow.

The event is hosted and co-located within the JAX conference, but this part of it is free and open for public. Please RSVP

The hackathon part is suitable for existing and wanna-be developers of Jenkins and its plugins. If you've been thinking about writing plugins/core, scratching some itch in existing ones, or have already been writing ones, this is a great opportunity to get to know others in the community and have your questions answered. The hackathon starts from 1pm and runs until 6pm. I'll be there to answer your questions and show you pointers, so bring your laptop!

The user meetup will start from 7pm.

Event Date/Time: 
Tue, 2011-06-21 06:00