Hudson Events Calendar

Just wanted to let everybody know that I've gone ahead and added a Calendar for all the upcoming Hudson-related events.

Hopefully we'll be able to add more and more events for the rest of the year including seminars, more meetups and potentially a few drink-ups!

Worth mentioning that I've not yet tested the iCal feed so if you have troubles with it, let me know (via the comments).

Recent label and matrix project improvement

Today, I’d highlight two recent improvements to the label and matrix projects.

When you have multiple slaves in your Hudson build farm, you can use labels to classify slaves by their capability/environment/architecture/etc. For example, your one slave might have “32bit” and “windows” label, while another one might have “linux”, “ubuntu”, and “64bit.” (with plugins like platform-labeler plugin, you can attach labels automatically, too.) Or if you do Selenium testing, you might add browser names as labels to indicate which slave has which browser available.

With such set up, you then specify that such and such jobs can be only run on such and such labels. For example, you might say your “test-foo” job requires the “windows” label, while your “compile-bar” job might require the “macos” label.

Copenhagen Hudson User Meetup

September is turning into a meetup month for the Hudson community. In parallel to the meetup in Oslo and the meetup in JavaOne, Nokia and InfraDNA are hosting a meetup in Copenhagen on September 6th, Monday. Read on for the details.

Hudson at JavaZone, Meetup in Oslo

JavaZone is a big Java conference in Scandinavia, and Hudson is well represented there. On September 8th, Håkon Snøtun will be presenting "Top 5 plugins for Hudson and Chuck Norris." and on September 9th, I'll be presenting "Getting more out of your Hudson."

But more importantly, what is a conference without drinking!? So in that spirit, InfraDNA will be organizing a Hudson User Meetup at The Scotsman from Sep 8th 19:30 (website.) We'll get together, have some drinks, and enjoy geeky conversations.

So if you are local or visiting Oslo for JavaZone, come join us. If you plan to join us at The Scotsman, please RSVP, and watch out for my twitter updates for any last minute time/location changes.

Pre-JavaOne Hudson Meetup

As we near autumn up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the wind is starting to blow a bit chillier and here in the Bay Area that can only mean one thing: Oracle is suing everybody! it's time for JavaOne!

A whole lot has changed since last year, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle, Kohsuke left Snoracle to found InfraDNA and Hudson has continued to power on as the single best continuous integration server on the planet.

While the tickets for Oracle OpenWorld/JavaOne are just as outrageously expensive as they were last year, we are hosting a meetup/hackathon/continuous-drinking-contest at Digg the Sunday prior. We have not yet set any kind of agenda, but some core Hudson hackers and plenty of plugin developers should be in town so it should be a great time hacking on and/or with Hudson.

RSVP Here!