Report: Jenkins meet-up Seoul

People in far eastern countries use languages that are quite different from English, and live in a time zone that's largely incompatible from the U.S./Europe time. So naturally these folks tend to keep things to themselves.

That's why I've been wanting to do a meet-up in Seoul for some time, yet I didn't know anyone there to get one going. That changed in Jenkins User Conferene in San Francisco last year. I pitched this to someone who worked for Samsung, and he introduced me to folks in Seoul, and the ball started rolling from there.

The meet-up was held Friday, at Samsung headquarter in Gangnam, Seoul.

2012 Jenkins Survey results are in

The Jenkins survey we’ve been running since the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco has concluded. All in all we counted 721 responses --- thanks everyone for voicing their thoughts!

Naturally, it took a while to tally that many responses, but thanks to Lisa, we now have the result in time for the holiday.

As you can see in our installation tracking, Jenkins installation base has grown 66% since the last year, so I was naturally very curious if this has affected the area of focus for us the developers.

한국에서의 첫번째 Jenkins meet-up!

우리는 2013년 1월25일 저녁에 Jenkins meet-up을 삼성전자와 함께 준비하고 있습니다. Meet-up은 서초사옥에서 진행될 예정이며 추후 변경될 수 있습니다. 발표자는 일본 커뮤니티에서 활동중인 Cactuman과 삼성이고 Groovy script를 이용한 job 일괄설정 에 대해서 발표할 예정입니다.

Jenkins를 설치한 통계를 통해 저희도 한국에 많은 사용자가 있다는것을 알고 있었습니다. 지금까지는 메인 Jenkins community에서 컨택하는데 실패했었지만 이번에 그런 상황이 해결된것에 너무 흥분됩니다.

이번 meet-up에 참가할 의사가 있으면 에 회답해 주시면 됩니다. 참가비는 없으며 우리는 Jenkins,plugin 들과 함께한 경험들(간단한 주제를 포함)을 한국의 Jenkins user와 공유 할 더 많은 발표자를 찾고 있습니다.

여러분의 많은 참가를 기대합니다.

We are organizing a Jenkins meet-up in Seoul in the evening of Jan 25th 2013, thanks to the help of folks at Samsung. The meeting will be in the evening, at the location to be determined. I am presenting in person, as well as Cactusman, one of the key community people in Japan. Seung-Heui Jang from Samsung would be presenting about job batch processing by Groovy scripts.

According to the installation statistics, we know there are significant user base in Korea, but so far the main Jenkins community has failed to establish contacts with them.

Jenkins keynote at FOSDEM 2013

Earlier this year we participated in FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. Overall the event was a major success and we're very happy we were able to take part in it!

For FOSDEM 2013, we'll be back in Brussels and participating in a major way. The first day of FOSDEM (February 2, 2013) will be the 2nd birthday for the Jenkins project, and seems appropriate that project founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi will be giving a keynote session titled: "How we made the Jenkins community"

Here's an excerpt from Kohsuke's talk proposal:

Jenkins project has an interesting history. It started from scratch on my spare time, and grow over time to boast 600+ open-source plugins developed by 300+ contributors from all around the world.

There are several key ingredients, both technical and social, that enabled this model, and I think those ingredients are useful to other projects. In this talk, I'll discuss how Jenkins project and the community works, what these ingredients are, why they help you attract more developers into your projects, and why it matters.

You can read more about Kohsuke's keynote here

In addition to the keynote, I (R. Tyler Croy), and a number of members of the Jenkins, Cucumber and Selenium communities are hosting the first ever Testing and Automation devroom at FOSDEM.

If you're interested in submitting a talk proposal for the dev room the deadline is 23:59 UTC on December 21st 2012! The Call for Proposals can be found here, and the proposal submission form can can be found here.

We are very likely going to have a table in the hall again this year, but the FOSDEM committee hasn't yet confirmed whether or not we will have a table.

Regardless, a lot of Jenkins community members will be at FOSDEM in February in addition to hundreds of other open source contributors and users from around the world.

If you're interested in participating and/or meeting up with the Jenkins crowd, there's details coming together on the FOSDEM wiki page.

We hope to see you there!

Los Altos Hackathon This Friday

What better way to end the year than to come join a little Jenkins hackathon this Friday afternoon with Kohsuke (the core developer), Max Spring (Jenkow plugin), and hopefully other Jenkins hackers?

We'll do this at CloudBees Los Altos office, starting around Friday 1pm.
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