Building Jenkins plugins with Gradle

Until now, Jenkins plugins written in Java or Groovy could only be built with Maven, using the maven-hpi-plugin to generate a proper manifest and archive which Jenkins can consume. But starting now, you can also use Gradle!

See the wiki for information on how you can use Gradle and the new gradle-jpi-plugin to build, test and release your Java or Groovy Jenkins plugin.

Adding diagrams to Wiki

Thanks to the kindness from Gliffy, we can now add diagrams to Wiki pages, in a way that enables collaborative edits.

See more info, including a sample diagram in a Wiki page.

Jenkins survey result and what UI improvement would you like?

Jenkins community survey result is in, which shows a number of interesting stats for us developers, such as 82% of people saying their Jenkins is mission critical, or the spread of distributed builds, especially compared to my earlier similar usage analytics.

But just as interesting is the free-form answers to questions like "If there was anything you could you change about Jenkins CI, what would it be?", and while the answer is colorful, there are a few common themes that one can easily spot.

One of them is "nothing!", which made me feel good, but another is "UI improvement." And incidentally, Domi has started a thread in the Jenkins-users list about this exact topic a week ago.

The idea is to brainstorm what kind of concrete improvements people would like to see, then run them through some real user experience designers and decide which ones are good ideas and which one

Thanks for the support PagerDuty!

Over drinks this evening Kohsuke pointed out that he never saw a blog post about PagerDuty.

If you've never worked in a sysadmin role or in any other position that would require an on-call rotation, then you may have never seen PagerDuty.

In essence the service provides a great series of integration points with Pingdom or Nagios for handling monitoring. As an infrastructure guy (part time), I can honestly say it's a great tool and I'm grateful to PagerDuty for supporting Jenkins with our own account to help manage project infrastructure.

A couple weekends ago I finished setting up Nagios (read-only username/password: jenkins/jenkins) for critical project services which by itself is a good step forward. Combine that with PagerDuty's Nagios integration and a solid on-call rotation, and I'm more confident than I've ever been that Kohsuke or myself could actually take a vacation!

Check them out, and be sure to thank them on Twitter at @PagerDuty for supporting Jenkins!

Fundraising drive update: thank you everyone!

Our earlier appeal for donation was a drastic boost to our fund-raising drive, (and looking at the twitter reactions, it feels like the Wikipedia parody we put on Jenkins on Jenkins helped spread the words — I guess jokes do work!

And I'm happy to report that we've successfully raised over $12000 as of today. That's more than enough to pay off all the current balance and it should keep the project going for quite a while. I've assembled the donor list in appreciation.

So once again, thanks everyone for their generous support!