Updated Usage Stats Available!

Updated usage statistics are now available at http://jenkins-ci.org/census This data has been scrubbed of distinguishing information as much as possible, filtered for installations we've seen at least twice a month with at least one job set up, and split up into monthly JSON files. Starting with August, we only have data on installations of version 1.368 or later - before that, reports go to the old Oracle-owned server, and we aren't able to retrieve them. So that's why you'll see a fairly hefty drop in install count, etc from July to August.

I haven't had a chance to do any analysis to speak of on the data. I intend to get the plugin usage spreadsheet updated n the next few days, but I wanted to make this data available to you all ASAP. If you come up with any interesting analysis or use of the data, please let us know!

Upcoming Jenkins events in Tokyo

I'll be visiting Tokyo again for the week of 2/21 for a number of events.

Tokyo Jenkins User Meetup

The Japanese Jenkins user community may not be as visible from outside but very strong. This is the 2nd meet up in Tokyo, and once again we maxed out the 80 people room capacity in just a few days (but you can still RSVP for the social event after the meetup.) This meetup is focused on Java & Jenkins, so we have a number of speakers lined up to discuss hwo they use Jenkins in their Java projects. This will be the first user meetup event after the name has changed to Jenkins.

CloudBees Jenkins training in Tokyo

I'll deliver this one-day training course, all about Jenkins from the setup to continuous deployment to code analysis. If you are interested, you can find more details about this.

Japan Grails/Groovy User Group (JGGUG)

Jenkins internally use Groovy a lot in many places (as well as some of its peripheral tools depend on Groovy.) So I'll be speaking in the JGGUG meetup event, on behalf of the Jenkins project, and highlight those usages and how much we all love Groovy. Yes, I do.

First Governance Meeting Recap

As mentioned on Friday the Jenkins project held it's first meeting on the IRC channel at the request of the interim board. In the interest of transparency, we recorded meeting minutes and tried to involve as many folks as possible.

Topics Covered

  • Proposal/Discussion of Jenkins project governance structure
  • What to do about the logo
  • Registering the Jenkins trademark
  • Moving Jenkins under an umbrella organization
  • What shall we do with a new CLA?
  • Logistics for the next project meeting

If you're interested, you can read through the full logs or just look over the high-level meeting minutes.

This first meeting went a bit long due to the massive amount of items needing to be discussed, so the project has scheduled another meeting for Wednesday Feb 9, 11am PST (19:00 UTC); mark your calendars!

Thanks to everybody who participated, we'll see you again next time.

The first 24 hours in downloads

As I had mentioned in a previous post back when Jenkins was called something else, who can remember what anymore, I spent a lot of time working on a mirroring network. With our departure from any and all Oracle infrastructure, this mirroring network has now become our sole distribution mechanism for pushing out all releases and all plugins, in short, lots and lots of bits.

Just how much data are we now distributing through the Jenkins mirror network?

Over 52GB in 24 hours

Here's the following in terms of a loose breakdown of the number of files served over the past day:

  • 788 .war
  • 447 .deb
  • 290 .rpm
  • 1759 .hpi (plugins)

We're off to a great start! I'd like to extend my thanks again to the OSUOSL and XMission for their help getting the Jenkins mirrors functional as soon as possible

Governance Meeting Today

Amongst all the work this week with setting up project infrastructure, the first release of Jenkins and a flood of developer activity on GitHub, the interim governance board has decided to hold periodic virtual meetings.

The first meeting will be held today at 3pm PST (23:00 UTC) in the #jenkins channel on IRC (more details here).

In Kohsuke's post to the mailing list, he further explained the goals of such meetings:

We can use it to report/discuss various issues of the project (not bugs in code, but more project level stuff.) I also plan to report the infrastructure work that's done thus far.

We'd like to hear from you, and the point is to engage the broader community, so please join us.

This is a new thing, so it's not like we've figured this all out, but let's see how it goes.

If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the Freenode webchat client to join in, hope to see you there!