July 2010

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What's new in 1.639 (2015/11/29)

  • “Discard old builds” setting would be lost if resaving job configuration as of 1.637 without rechecking the box. (issue 31518)
  • “Form too large” errors from Jetty when submitting massive forms. (issue 20327)
  • Multiple workspace browser features broken on Windows masters since 1.634. (issue 31015)

What's new in 1.638 (2015/11/11)

What's new in 1.637 (2015/11/08)

  • Remove useless warnings about a JDK named null. (issue 31217)
  • New OptionalJobProperty class to simplify JobProperty creation. (pull 1888)

What's new in 1.636 (2015/11/01)

  • Add "lastCompletedBuild" job permalink. (issue 26270)

What's new in 1.635 (2015/10/25)

  • Make Node implement Saveable. (issue 31055)
  • Revert trigger optimizations made in 1.621 by PR 1617. (issue 30745)
  • Delegate CLI's delete-node command to the overridable Computer.doDoDelete() method. Fixes the issue in OpenStack and JClouds plugins. (issue 31098, regression in 1.618)
  • Prevent autocorrect of username on mobile devices in login forms. (PR 1531)
  • Describe the built-in JDK as "(System)". (issue 755)
  • Update JNA library to 4.2.1 in order to integrate fixes for linux-ppc64 and linux-arm platforms. (issue 15792)

What's new in 1.634 (2015/10/18)

  • Fix order of builds in new builds history widget introduced in 1.633. (issue 30899)
  • Bytecode Compatibility Transformer would fail to transform some classes resulting in ClassNotFoundException. (issue 30820)
  • Prevent ClassCastException in AbstractBuild::reportError() if the build step is not Publisher. (issue 30730)
  • Trim job names during the rename operation (it is impossible to delete or rename jobs with trailing spaces). (issue 30502)
  • Add "graphBg" and "plothBg" background color options to plot URLs (PR 1769)
  • API changes: Add get method for causes of interruption in hudson.model.Executor (PR 1712)
  • Allow case insensitive file patterns in Artifacts Archiving. (issue 5253)
  • Prevent NullPointerException while estimating duration of Queue executable items. (issue 30456)
  • Fix the resolution of Windows symbolic links in SecretRewriter. (issue 30456)
  • Let a combobox display its drop-down when focused, so users can see candidates without entering a letter. (issue 26278)

What's new in 1.633 (2015/10/11)

  • Added safari pinned tab icon. (discussion)
  • Plugin Manager UI changes to prevent users from enabling/disabling/uninstalling plugins at the "wrong" time. (issue 23150)
  • bytecode-compatibility-transformer produces malformed bytecode. (issue 28781)
  • Properly handle RuntimeExceptions in run retention policy handler calls. (issue 29888)
  • Prevent NullPointerException in CLI if Jenkins cannot find the specified job or a job with the nearest name. (issue 30742)
  • Do not show REST API link for pages, which have no API handlers. (issue 29014)
  • JS alert preventing to leave a configuration page without changes. (issue 21720)
  • JS error triggered by collapsing build history widget. (issue 30569)
  • Build history pagination and search. (issue 26445)

What's new in 1.632 (2015/10/05)

  • Optimize TagCloud size calculation. (issue 30705)
  • FlyWeightTasks tied to a label will not cause node provisioning and will be blocked forever. (issue 30084)
  • Prevent NullPointerException for disabled builds in ReverseBuildTrigger. (issue 29876)
  • ConsoleLogFilter wasn't truly global (issue 30777)
  • API changes: hudson.Util.isOverridden() now supports protected methods. (issue 30002)
  • Sidepanel controls with confirmation (lib/layout/task) did not assign the proper CSS style. (issue 30787)

What's new in 1.631 (2015/09/27)

  • Add proper labels for plugin categories assigned to some plugins. (PR 1758)

What's new in 1.630 (2015/09/20)

  • Make JenkinsRule useable on systems which don't support JNA (issue 29507)

What's new in 1.629 (2015/09/15)

  • Old data monitor made Jenkins single-threaded for all saves. (issue 30139)

What's new in 1.628 (2015/09/06)

  • Replaced all non java.util.logging logging libraries with slf4j interceptors. (PR 1816)
  • Document allBuilds subtree in remote API for jobs. (PR 1817)

What's new in 1.627 (2015/08/30)

  • Race condition in triggers could cause various NullPointerExceptions. (issue 29790)
  • Archiving of large artifacts. Tar implementation cannot handle files having a size >8GB. (issue 10629)
  • Allow plugins to augment or replace the plugin manager UI. (PR 1788)

What's new in 1.626 (2015/08/23)

  • RunIdMigrator fails to revert Matrix and Maven jobs. (issue 29989)
  • Fix error message "Failed to listen to incoming slave connection" after fixing port through init.groovy.d. (issue 29798)

What's new in 1.625 (2015/08/17)

  • Fixed a deadlock between the old data monitor and authorization strategies. (issue 29936)
  • Allow rejecting configurations with errors in critical fields via REST / CLI. (issue 28440)
  • Do not display No changes if changelog is still being computed. (issue 2327)

What's new in 1.624 (2015/08/09)

  • Allow more job types to use a custom "Build Now" text. (issue 26147)

What's new in 1.623 (2015/08/02)

No notable changes in this release.

What's new in 1.622 (2015/07/27)

  • Jenkins now support self-restart and daemonization in FreeBSD (PR 1770)
  • Node provisioner may fail to correctly indicate that provisioning was finished. (issue 29568)

What's new in 1.621 (2015/07/19)

  • Sort by 'Free Disk Space' is incorrect. (issue 29286)
  • Label expression help is missing in recent Jenkins versions. (issue 29376)
  • Pre-emptively break memory cycles causing excessive live-set retention in remoting layer. (issue 28844)
  • Don't run trigger for disabled/copied projects. (PR 1617)

What's new in 1.620 (2015/07/12)

  • Display system info even when slave is temporarily offline. (issue 29300)

What's new in 1.619 (2015/07/05)

  • Update auto-installer metadata for newly installed plugins. (issue 27694)
  • Allow plugins to veto process killing. (issue 9104)

What's new in 1.618 (2015/06/29)

  • Fix deadlock in hudson.model.Executor. (issue 28690)
  • Don't truncate /consoleText output after fixed number of lines. (issue 14899)
  • Allow delete-* CLI commands to operate on multiple arguments. (issue 28041)
  • Prevent NullPointerException in Executor/causeOfDeath page if there is no exception details. (issue 25734)
  • Fixed synchronization issue when setting JDK installations. (issue 28292)
  • Fix several loggers which are identifying as the wrong class. (PR 1651)
  • Revert fix for issue 17290 due to the regressions it caused. (issue 28601)
  • Fix deadlock between hudson.model.Queue and hudson.model.Computer. (issue 28840)
  • Fix jobs getting stuck in the Queue when there exists a cycle of upstream/downstream blocks between them. (issue 28926)
  • Always use earlier start time when merging two equivalent queue items. (issue 2180)

What's new in 1.617 (2015/06/07)

  • Regression in build-history causing ball to not open console (issue 28704)
  • JNLP slaves did not pick up changes to environment variables. (issue 27739)
  • NullPointerException in AbstractProject constructor if Jenkins nodes has not been loaded yet (issue 28654)

What's new in 1.616 (2015/05/31)

  • Job loading can be broken by NullPointerException in a build trigger (issue 27549)

What's new in 1.615 (2015/05/25)

  • Improper calculation of queue length in UnlabeledLoadStatistics causing overheads in Cloud slave provisioning (issue 28446)
  • Category titles in Available Plugins list appear wrong in reverse sort order (issue 17290)
  • CronTab API: Timezone support for scheduling (issue 9283)
  • NullPointerException when trying to reset Jenkins admin address (issue 28419)
  • Reduce the thread overhead in NodeMonitorUpdater (PR 1714)
  • Build history overflows (issue 28425)
  • Build History badges don't wrap (issue 28455)

What's new in 1.614 (2015/05/17)

  • ExtensionList even listener. (issue 28434)
  • NullPointerException computing load statistics under some conditions. (issue 28384)
  • Plugins using class loader masking did not work properly over the slave channel. (issue 27289)
  • DefaultJnlpSlaveReceiver now returns true when rejecting a takeover. (issue 27939)
  • Do not follow href after sending POST via l:task (issue 28437)

What's new in 1.613 (2015/05/10)

  • Update bundled LDAP plugin in order to restore missing help files (issue 28233)
  • hudson.model.Run.getLog() throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when called with maxLines=0 (issue 27441)

What's new in 1.612 (2015/05/03)

  • Jenkins now requires Java 7. (announcement, issue 28120)
  • Handle AbortException publisher status in the same way as deprecated false boolean status (issue 26964)
  • Ensures GlobalSettingsProvider does not swallow fatal exceptions (issue 26604)
  • add datestamp to node-offline message (issue 23917)
  • Larger minimum popup menu height. (issue 27067)
  • Descriptor.getId fix in 1.610 introduced regressions affecting at least the Performance and NodeJS plugins. (issue 28093 and issue 28110)
  • Under rare conditions Executor.getProgress() can throw a Division by zero exception. (issue 28115)
  • The Run from the command line option for launching a JNLP slave should display the configured JVM options. (issue 28111)

What's new in 1.611 (2015/04/26)

  • Descriptor.getId fix in 1.610 introduced a regression affecting at least the Copy Artifacts plugin. (issue 28011)
  • Search box did not work well inside folders. (issue 24433)
  • Revert changes in 1.610 made to resolve issue 10629. (issue 28012, issue 28013)
  • Advertise JNLP slave agents to the correct host name, even in the presence of a reverse proxy. (issue 27218)
  • Advertised TCP slave agent port number is made tweakable.
  • Correctly identify Channel listener onClose propagated exceptions (issue 28062

What's new in 1.610 (2015/04/19)

  • Since 1.598 overrides of Descriptor.getId were not correctly handled by form binding, breaking at least the CloudBees Templates plugin. (issue 26781)
  • Reverted in 1.611, reimplemented in 1.627. Archiving of large artifacts. Tar implementation cannot handle files having a size >8GB. (issue 10629)
  • The queue state was not updated between scheduling builds. (issue 27708, issue 27871)

What's new in 1.609 (2015/04/12)

  • When concurrent builds are enabled, artifact retention policy may delete artifact being used by an actually running build. (issue 27836)
  • Documentation for $BUILD_ID did not reflect current reality (issue 26520)

What's new in 1.608 (2015/04/05)

  • PeepholePermalink RunListenerImpl oncompleted should be triggered before downstream builds are triggered. (issue 20989)
  • NPE when /script used on offline slave. (issue 26751)
  • Make periodic workspace cleanup configurable through system properties. (issue 21322)
  • Do not offer to restart on /restart and /safeRestart if the configuration does not support it. (issue 27414)
  • Polling was skipped while quieting down, resulting in ignored commit notifications. This behavior was changed. (issue 26208)
  • Starting this version, native packages are produced from the new repository. File issues related to installers and packages in the packaging component.

What's new in 1.607 (2015/03/30)

  • JSONP served with the wrong MIME type and rejected by Chrome. (issue 27607)
  • Security file pattern whitelist was broken for some plugins since 1.597. (issue 27055)
  • Lock an Executor without creating a Thread (issue 25938)
  • Hide flyweight master executor when ≥1 heavyweight executors running as subtasks (issue 26900)
  • Way to mark an Executable that should not block isReadyToRestart (issue 22941)
  • Refactor the Queue and Nodes to use a consistent locking strategy (issue 27565) Note that this change involved moving slave definitions outside the main config.xml file. If you downgrade after this, your slave settings will be lost.
  • Makes the Jenkins is loading screen not block on the extensions loading lock (issue 27563)
  • AdjunctManager: exception upon startup (issue 15355)
  • Removes race condition rendering the list of executors (issue 27564)
  • Tidy up the locks that were causing deadlocks with the once retention strategy in durable tasks (issue 27476)
  • Remove any requirement from Jenkins Core to lock on the Queue when rendering the Jenkins UI (issue 27566)
  • Prevent lazy loading operation when obtaining label information. (issue 26391)
  • Ensure that the LoadStatistics return a self-consistent result. (issue 21618)
  • Build reports to be running for 45 yr and counting. (issue 26777)

What's new in 1.606 (2015/03/23)

  • Jenkins CLI doesn't handle arguments with equal signs (issue 21160)
  • master/slave communication ping reacts badly if a clock jumps. (issue 21251)
  • JNLP slaves can now connect to master through HTTP proxy. (issue 6167)
  • Fixes to several security vulnerabilities. (advisory)

What's new in 1.605 (2015/03/16)

  • Integrate Stapler fix for queue item API always returning 404 Not Found since 1.601. (issue 27256)

What's new in 1.604 (2015/03/15)

  • Added a switch (-Dhudson.model.User.allowNonExistentUserToLogin=true) to let users login even when the record is not found in the backend security realm. (issue 22346)
  • Avoid deadlock when using build-monitor-plugin. (issue 27183)
  • As security hardening, mark "remember me" cookie as HTTP only (issue 27277)
  • Show displayName in build remote API. (issue 26723)

What's new in 1.602 (2015/03/08)

  • Show Check Now button also on Available and Updates tabs of plugin manager. (PR 1593)

What's new in 1.601 (2015/03/03)

  • Regression with environment variables in 1.600. (issue 27188)
  • Errors with concurrent matrix builds since 1.597. (issue 26739)
  • Errors in Dashboard View plugin since 1.597. (issue 26690)
  • Robustness improvement when setting up Archive Artifacts programmatically. (issue 25779)
  • Map Queue.Item.id onto Run (issue 27096)

What's new in 1.600 (2015/02/28)

  • Fixes to multiple security vulnerabilities. (security advisory)
  • JDK auto-installer for Mac OSX
  • An error thrown in the wrong place in a publisher could result in a failure to release a workspace lock. (issue 26698)
  • Cache node environment to prevent unnecessary channel usage (issue 26755)
  • Build history text field wrap fails when containing markup (issue 26406)
  • Maven build step fail to launch mvn process when special chars are present in build variables. (issue 26684)

What's new in 1.599 (2015/02/16)

  • Errors in some Maven builds since 1.598. (issue 26601)
  • Build format change migrator in 1.597 did not work on some Windows systems. (issue 26519)
  • Remote FilePath.chmod fails with ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.ServletException. (issue 26476)
  • Added SimpleBuildWrapper API. (issue 24673)
  • Animated ball in job's build history widget won't open Console Output. (issue 26365)
  • Show job name in Schedule Build column tool tip. (issue 25234)
  • Allow OldDataMonitor to discard promoted-build-plugin Promotions (issue 26718)

What's new in 1.598 (2015/01/25)

  • FutureImpl does not cancel its start future. (issue 25514)
  • Flyweight tasks were under some conditions actually being run on heavyweight executors. (issue 10944) (issue 24519)
  • Folder loading broken when child item loading throws exception. (issue 22811)
  • Plugin icon images were broken when running Jenkins from a UNC path. (issue 26203)
  • Allow admin signup from /manage as well. (issue 26382)
  • Amend JAVA_HOME check to work with JDK 9. (issue 25601)
  • CLI list-jobs command should display raw name, not display name, where they differ. (issue 25338)
  • Show queue item parameters in tool tip. (issue 22311)
  • Better support functional tests from Gradle-based plugins. (issue 26331)
  • Allow users to delete builds even if they are supposed to be kept. (issue 26281)
  • Fixed side/main panel scrolling issues. (issue 26312, issue 26298, issue 26306)
  • Improve error reporting when channel closed during build. (issue 26411)
  • Fixed CodeMirror issue with height and re-enabled syntax highlighting in shell build step. (issue 25455, issue 23151)

What's new in 1.597 (2015/01/19)

  • JENKINS_HOME layout change: builds are now keyed by build numbers and not timestamps. See Wiki for details and downgrade. (issue 24380)
  • Do not throw exception on /signup when not possible. (issue 11172)
  • Tool installer which downloads and unpacks archives should not fail the build if the tool already exists and the server returns an error code. (issue 26196)
  • Fingerprint compaction aggravated lazy-loading performance issues. (issue 19392)
  • Possible unreleased workspace lock if SCM polling fails during setup. (issue 26201)
  • Misleading description of the 'workspace' permission. (issue 20148)
  • Run parameters should show display name if set, rather than build numbers. (issue 25174)
  • Add range check for H(X-Y) syntax. (issue 25897)

What's new in 1.596 (2015/01/04)

  • Build page was broken in Hungarian localization while building. (issue 26155)
  • Allow breaking label and node lists. (issue 25989)

What's new in 1.595 (2014/12/21)

What's new in 1.594 (2014/12/14)

  • After recent Java security updates, Jenkins would not gracefully recover from a deleted secrets/master.key. (issue 25937)
  • Restrict where this project can be run regressed in 1.589 when using the ClearCase plugin. (issue 25533)

What's new in 1.593 (2014/12/07)

What's new in 1.592 (2014/11/30)

  • Performance problems on large workspaces associated with validating file include patterns. (issue 25759)

What's new in 1.591 (2014/11/25)

  • Always use forward slashes in path separators during in ZIP archives generated by Directory Browser (issue 22514)

What's new in 1.590 (2014/11/16)

  • Basic Authentication in combination with Session is broken (issue 25144)
  • Some plugins broken since 1.584 if they expected certain events to be fired under a specific user ID. (issue 25400)
  • Fixed various real or potential resource leaks discovered by Coverity Scan (pull request 1434)
  • API changes: Expose AbstractProject.AbstractProjectDescriptor#validateLabelExpression for plugins. (pull request 1456)
  • API method to aggregate multiple FormValidations into one. (pull request 1458)
  • API method to get non-null Jenkins instance with internal validation (issue 23339)

What's new in 1.589 (2014/11/09)

  • JNA error in WindowsInstallerLink.doDoInstall. (issue 25358)
  • Restore compatibility of label assignment for some plugins. (issue 25372)

What's new in 1.588 (2014/11/02)

  • Unnecessarily slow startup time with a massive number of jobs. (issue 25473)
  • Custom workspace option did not work under some conditions. (issue 25221)

What's new in 1.587 (2014/10/29)

  • Queue didn't always leave a trail for cancelled items properly (issue 25314)
  • JNA update for deprecated JNA-POSIX library. (issue 24527)
  • Introduced slave-to-master security mechanism to defend a master from slaves. (SECURITY-144)

What's new in 1.586 (2014/10/26)

  • Bumping up JNA to 4.10. This is potentially a breaking change for plugins that depend on JNA 3.x (issue 24521)
  • Prevent empty file creation if file parameter is left empty. (issue 3539)
  • Servlet containers may refuse to let us set secure cookie flag. Deal with it gracefully. (issue 25019)
  • Existing FileParameters should be handled as different values to avoid merging of queued builds (issue 19017)

What's new in 1.585 (2014/10/19)

  • Build health computed repeatedly for a single Weather column cell. (issue 25074)
  • Missing workspace page should use 404 status code. (issue 10450)
  • Fixed memory leak occurring on pages producing incremental output with a progress bar. (issue 25081)
  • Updated SSH Slaves plugin to 1.8.
  • Due to the reaction, default umask in debian package is set back to 022 (issue 25065)
  • Greater-than characters are not escaped in HTML outputs like e-mails (issue 16184)
  • Thread starvation from OldDataMonitor. (issue 24763)
  • Integer overflow in quiet-down timeout calculation (issue 24914)
  • Don't put session IDs in URLs even when cookies are disabled. (issue 22358)
  • Show keep build log reason in tool tips (pull request 1422)
  • Do not disable projects, which do not support such operation (like Matrix configurations) (issue 24340)
  • Improved the scalability of SSH slaves plugin caused by global lock in SecureRandom (issue 20108)
  • Incorporated a fix for "Poodle" (CVE-2014-3566) vulnerability in the HTTPS connector of "java -jar jenkins.war" (issue 25169)

What's new in 1.584 (2014/10/12)

  • Diagnostic thread names are now available while requests are still in filters
  • When killing Windows processes, check its critical flag to avoid BSoD (issue 24453)
  • When a user could not see a view, but could delete/move/rename jobs contained in it, the view was not properly updated. (issue 22769)
  • Use POST for cancel quiet down link. (issue 23020, issue 23942)
  • Do not consider port in use error to be a successful start of Jenkins on Debian. (issue 24966)

What's new in 1.583 (2014/10/01)

What's new in 1.582 (2014/09/28)

  • Channel reader thread can end up consuming 100% CPU. (issue 23471)
  • CancelledKeyException can cause all JNLP slaves to disconnect (and the problem remains until restart). (issue 24050)
  • Consider dynamic label assignments for label load statistics. (issue 15576)
  • Use Windows line endings for batch file build steps. (issue 7478)
  • Reduced the logging clutter about the lack of @ExportedBean. (issue 24458)
  • Character encoding problem in form submission when file parameters are present. (issue 11543)
  • Improved error handling and "in-progress" UI feedback in JNLP slave to service installation.
  • Winstone 2.4: reverse proxy support in the logging, request header size limit control, and different private key password from keystore password. (issue 23665)
  • umask setting on Debian did not work. (pull 1397)
  • handle job move when buildDir is configured to a custom location. (issue 24825)

What's new in 1.581 (2014/09/21)

  • Use slightly larger Jenkins head icon. (pull 1360)
  • Allow setting a system property to disable X-Frame-Options header. (issue 21881)
  • Explicitly set background color of various UI elements to white. (issue 24625)
  • Wrong Hebrew localization resulted in broken console output since 1.539. (issue 24614)

What's new in 1.580 (2014/09/14)

  • Health reports saved to disk before 1.576 showed no weather icon since that version. (issue 24407)
  • Renaming jobs fails if parent dir of custom build records directory does not exist. (issue 19764)
  • Add editable descriptions for label atoms. (issue 6153)

What's new in 1.579 (2014/09/06)

  • ConcurrentModificationException in RunListProgressiveRendering. (issue 21437)
  • StackOverflowError for some old SCMListeners. (issue 23522)
  • Job status page shows "Build has been executing for null on master" for flyweight tasks. (issue 20307)
  • File locking issue when running functional tests on Windows. (issue 21977)
  • Tolerate ?auto_refresh in reverse proxy check on /manage page. (issue 24014)
  • Debian package now sets umask to 027 by default for better default privacy. See /etc/default/jenkins to change this. (issue 24514)

What's new in 1.578 (2014/08/31)

  • Added 'no-store' to the 'Cache-Control' header to avoid accidental information leak through local cache backup (issue 24337)
  • Deadlock in OldDataMonitor. (issue 24358)
  • Use absolute links for computer sidepanel items so they don't break as easily. (issue 23963)

What's new in 1.577 (2014/08/24)

  • Failure to migrate legacy user records in 1.576 properly broke Jenkins, resulted in NullPointerExceptions. (issue 24317)
  • Jenkins did not correctly display icons contributed by plugins in 1.576. (issue 24316)
  • Moved JUnit reporting functionality to a plugin. (issue 23263)
  • Fixed ClassCastException on org.dom4j.DocumentFactory (issue 13709)
  • Jenkins now logs warnings when it fails to export objects to XML/JSON. This can result in a lot of log output in case of heavy API use. We recommend that API users use the ?tree parameter instead of ?depth. (commit)
  • Allow BuildStep to work with non-AbstractProject (issue 23713)
  • Improved class loading performance when using Groovy. (issue 24309)
  • Prevent NullPointerException from Executor.run. (issue 24110)
  • Make the lifetime of queue items cache configurable. (issue 19691)
  • Support --username/--password authentication for CLIMethod based CLI commands. (issue 23988)
  • Don't link to /safeRestart after update if Jenkins cannot restart itself. (issue 24032)
  • Properly consider busy executors when reducing a node's executor count. (issue 24095)

What's new in 1.576 (2014/08/18)

  • Worked around "incompatible InnerClasses attribute" bug in IBM J9 VM (issue 22525)
  • Fixed a file descriptor leak with CLI connections. (issue 23248)
  • Fixed a regression that removed all users with uppercase letters in the user name since 1.566. (issue 23872)
  • Improving security of set-build-parameter and set-build-result CLI commands. (issue 24080)
  • Startup can be broken by deeply recursive causes in build records. (issue 24161)
  • Displaying unabridged test result trend on project index page defeated lazy loading. (issue 23945)
  • Added support for host:port format in X-Forwarded-Host header. (commit 19d8b80)
  • API to launch processes without printing the command line. (issue 23027)
  • Added option to increase impact of test failures on the weather report. (issue 24006)
  • Modernized sidebar <l:pane>s and making them work better with new layout. (issue 23810, issue 23829)
  • Add option to CLI to skip key authentication (e.g. when there's a password on the default key). (issue 23970)
  • Modernize tabBar and bigtable. Makes the project view look better. Same for Plugin Manager. (issue 24030)

What's new in 1.575 (2014/08/10)

  • Move option to fingerprint artifacts to Archive the Artifacts, Advanced options. (commit f43a450)
  • Move option to keep dependencies (builds) from Fingerprint to Advanced Project Options. (commit a8756c6)
  • Improved validation of Build Record Root Directory setting. (issue 14538)
  • Indicate which node the workspace being viewed is on. (issue 23636)
  • Show full project name for projects in folders. (issue 22971)
  • UI redesign: Shrink the top bar, change logo, changed links in top bar. (pull 1327, (pull 1328)
  • Killing processes started by builds on Unix was broken as of 1.553. (issue 22641)
  • Should not stop a build from finishing just to compute JUnit result difference to a prior build which is still running. (issue 10234)
  • Do not show link to System Information page for offline slaves, make page more robust when offline. (issue 23041)
  • Fix link to SCM polling log from downstream job cause. (issue 18048)
  • Autocomplete logger names. (issue 23994)
  • UI redesign: Fix links in header bar when logged in.
  • Do not show changes for the build at the lower bound of the changes list. (issue 18902)
  • Restrict access to SCM trigger status page to administrators. (pull 1282)

What's new in 1.574 (2014/07/27)

What's new in 1.573 (2014/07/20)

  • UI redesign: Changed element alignment, removed sidebar link underlines (pull 1314, pull 1316)
  • Word-break links in build logs to preserve page width (pull 1308)
  • Log rotation fails with "...looks to have already been deleted" (issue 22395)
  • Fixed unnecessary eager loading of build records in certain code path. (issue 18065)

What's new in 1.572 (2014/07/13)

  • UI redesign: Changed header, made layout <div>-based and responsive (pull 1310)
  • Improved handling of X-Forwarded-* headers (issue 23294)
  • Do not offer automatic upgrade if war parent directory is not writable (issue 23683)

What's new in 1.571 (2014/07/07)

  • IllegalArgumentException from AbstractProject.getEnvironment when trying to get environment variables from an offline slave. (issue 23517)
  • Overall.READ is sufficient to access /administrativeMonitor/hudsonHomeIsFull/ (SECURITY-134)
  • Master computer is not notified using ComputerListener (issue 23481)

What's new in 1.570 (2014/06/29)

  • Add CLI commands to add jobs to and remove jobs from views (add-job-to-view, remove-job-from-view). (issue 23361)
  • UI improvements / refreshing. (issue 23492)
  • Failed to correctly resave a project configuration containing both a forward and a reverse build trigger. (issue 23191)
  • Long log output resulted in missing Console link in popup. (issue 14264)
  • HTTP error 405 when trying to restart ssh host. (issue 23094)
  • Move 'None' Source Code Management option to top position. (issue 23434)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when ArctifactArchiver is called for a build with the undefined status. (issue 23526)
  • Allow disabling use of default exclude patterns in ArctifactArchiver (.git, .svn, etc.). (issue 20086)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when "properties" element is missing in a job's configuration submission by JSON (issue 23437)

What's new in 1.569 (2014/06/23)

  • Jenkins can now kill Win32 processes from Win64 JVMs. (issue 23410)
  • Allow custom security realm plugins to fire events to SecurityListeners. (issue 23417)
  • Recover gracefully if a build permalink has a non-numeric value. (issue 21631)
  • Fix form submission via the Enter key for Internet Explorer version 9. (issue 22373)
  • When Jenkins had a lot of jobs, submitting a view configuration change could overload the web server, even if few of the jobs were selected. (issue 20327)

What's new in 1.568 (2014/06/15)

  • Fixed JNLP connection handling problem (issue 22932)
  • Fixed NullPointerException caused by the uninitialized ProcessStarter environment in build wrappers (issue 20559)
  • Support the range notation for pagination in API (issue 23228)
  • Incorrect redirect after deleting a folder. (issue 23375)
  • Incorrect links from Build History page inside a folder. (issue 19310)
  • API changes allowing new job types to use SCM plugins. (issue 23365)
  • API changes allowing to create nested launchers (DecoratedLauncher) (issue 19454)

What's new in 1.567 (2014/06/09)

  • Fixed a reference counting bug in the remoting layer. (commit)
  • Avoid repeatedly reading symlinks from disk to resolve build permalinks. (issue 22822)
  • Show custom build display name in executors widget. (issue 10477)
  • CodeMirror support for shell steps broke initial configuration. (issue 23151)
  • Jenkins on Linux can not restart after plugin update when started without full path to java executable (issue 22818)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when a build triggering returns null cause (issue 20499)
  • Fixed NullPointerException on plugin installations when invalid update center is set (issue 20031)
  • Use DISABLED_ANIME icon while building a disabled project (issue 8358)
  • Process the items hierarchy when displaying the Show Poll Thread Count option (issue 22934)
  • Compressed output was turned on even before Access Denied errors were shown for disallowed Remote API requests, yielding a confusing error. (issue 17374) (issue 18116)
  • Properly close input streams in FileParameterValue (issue 22693)
  • Incorrect failure age in the JUnit test results (issue 18626)
  • Fixed deletion links for JVM Crash error logs (issue 22617)
  • Distinguish "nodes for label offline" from "no nodes for label" (issue 17114)
  • Add causes to queue item tool tip (issue 19250)
  • RPM: added JENKINS_HTTPS_KEYSTORE and JENKINS_HTTPS_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD options to Jenkins sysconfig file (issue 11673)
  • RPM: Do not install jenkins.repo file (issue 22690)
  • Don't advertise POSTing config.xml on master (issue 16264)
  • Handle null parameter values to avoid massive executor deaths (issue 15094)
  • Added an option to archive artifacts only when the build is successful (issue 22699)

What's new in 1.566 (2014/06/01)

  • Configurable case sensitivity mode for user IDs. (issue 22247)
  • Extension point for project naming strategies did not work from actual plugins. (issue 23127)
  • Introduce directly modifiable views (issue 22967)
  • Jenkins cannot restart Windows service (issue 22685)

What's new in 1.565 (2014/05/26)

  • Misleading error message trying to dynamically update a plugin (which is impossible) on an NFS filesystem. (issue 12753)
  • Updated component used by the swap space monitor to better support Debian and AIX.
  • SSH slave connections die after the slave outputs 4MB of stderr, usually during findbugs analysis (issue 22938)
  • Polling no longer triggers builds (regression 1.560) (issue 22750)
  • Allow markup formatter to be selected without enabling security. (issue 22028)
  • Fixed localization of build environment variable help. (issue 22867)

What's new in 1.564 (2014/05/19)

  • Improve list view performance on large instances with folders. (issue 22720)
  • Add indicator when build queue is filtered. (issue 22698)
  • Update bundled Matrix project plugin to 1.2 fixing issues introduced in 1.561. (issue 22879, issue 22798)

What's new in 1.563 (2014/05/11)

  • Memory exhausion in remoting channel since 1.560. (issue 22734)
  • Configurable size for log buffer. (issue 22840)
  • Gesture to clear log buffer. (issue 22839)
  • Prevent up to two-minute delay before scheduling jobs from a cron trigger. (pull request 1216)
  • Occasional attempts to delete a build during log rotation which had already been deleted. (issue 22395)
  • Again show proper display names for build parameters. (issue 22755)

What's new in 1.562 (2014/05/03)

  • Next build link was not reliably available from a previous build after starting a new one. (issue 20662)
  • Debian postinst: check for present user/group before adding them. (issue 22715)
  • Add distance between time tick labels on load statistics. (issue 22686)
  • Correctly show load statistics for master node. (issue 22689)
  • Make load statistics graph font configurable, use sans serif font by default. (issue 22688)
  • Add links to nodes on thread dump page for easier navigation. (issue 22672)

What's new in 1.561 (2014/04/27)

  • Fixed a corner case handling of tool installation. (issue 16846)
  • Enabled log rotation on the OSX package (issue 15178)
  • When measuring the length of the queue, jobs that consist of multiple subtasks should count as more than 1. (pull request 742)
  • Close drop-down button menu when clicking outside (issue 17050)
  • RunParameter with filtering enabled incorrectly includes builds which have not yet completed (issue 20974)
  • Fixed NPE if RunParameterValue points to a stable build. (issue 20857)
  • Fixed a JavaScript problem in sortable table with IE8. (issue 21729)
  • More efficient deletion of old builds (specified by date). (issue 22607)
  • The matrix project type was moved into its own plugin.
  • Linkage errors in notifiers could leak workspace leases. (issue 21622)
  • Better correction of the anomalous condition that several builds of a job specify the same number. (issue 22631)
  • Under certain conditions, a running build could mistakenly be shown as completed (and failed), while still producing output. (issue 22681)
  • Fix a bug which only showed the first detail part for radio buttons. (issue 22583)
  • Update version of bundled Mailer plugin to 1.8 to avoid issues with older versions
  • Show larger load statistics graphs. (issue 22674)
  • Linebreak project names less aggressively. (issue 22670)
  • Added a new extension point for more pluggable JNLP slave handling
  • Don't ask for confirmation when it doesn't make any sense. (issue 21720)
  • Jenkins asks for confirmation before leaving form even though user is not authorized to make changes. (issue 20597)
  • Make the computers monitor status row look different from regular node rows. (pull request 1095)
  • Do not offer "Install without restart" for plugin updates. (pull request 1125)
  • Require POST on more actions. (pull request 877)
  • Optimize image sizes. (pull request 648)
  • Properly close resources in case of exceptions. (pull request 737)
  • Fix warning on JBoss AS7 due to unnecessary xpp3_min dependency. (pull request 733)
  • Return queue item location when triggering buildWithParameters. (issue 13546)

What's new in 1.560 (2014/04/20)

  • Enforcing build trigger authentication at runtime by checking authentication associated with a build, rather than at configuration time. For compatibility, enforcement is skipped by default; you must install the Authorize Project plugin or similar for this to take effect. The “upstream pseudo trigger” was also removed in favor of a true trigger configured on the downstream project; you may use either the post-build action or the trigger according to where you want this configuration stored, and who is authorized to change it. (issue 16956)
  • Fixed NPE from view new job name autocompletion since 1.553. (issue 22142)
  • Deadlocks in concurrent builds under some conditions since 1.556. (issue 22560)
  • JNLP slaves are now handled through NIO-based remoting channels for better scalability.
  • Integrated codemirror v2.38. (issue 22582)
  • Listing plugins shortly after installation throws ConcurrentModificationException. (issue 22553)
  • Fixed NoSuchMethodException when destroying processes using JDK1.8. (issue 21341)
  • Avoid irrelevant job queing while node is offline. (issue 21394)
  • Debian package now creates 'jenkins' group
  • Suppress fingerprint link if fingerprint record isn't available. (issue 21818)
  • Job hangs if one of multiple triggered builds was aborted (issue 21932)
  • Don't submit form on Save after Apply in new window on some browsers. (issue 20245)
  • Remotely triggered builds now show correct IP address through proxy. (issue 18008)

What's new in 1.559 (2014/04/13)

  • Slaves connected via Java Web Start now restart themselves when a connection to Jenkins is lost. (issue 19055)
  • Fixed NPE from Slave.createLauncher. (issue 21999)
  • Faster rendering of views containing many items. (issue 18364)

What's new in 1.558 (2014/04/06)

  • Cron-style trigger configuration will now display expected prior and subsequent run times.
  • Incorrect filtering of build queue and executors widgets after 1.514. (issue 20500)
  • NoSuchMethodError: hudson.model.BuildAuthorizationToken.checkPermission(…) from Build Token Root plugin since 1.556. (issue 22382)
  • Allow a Trigger to be a DependencyDeclarer. (issue 22397)
  • Fixed a slow down in resource loading caused by fix to JENKINS-18677. (issue 21579)
  • jenkins.war file shouldn't be exploded into /tmp (issue 22442)
  • Fixed NPE in UserCause (issue 21875)
  • Added RobustMapConverter. (issue 22398)
  • JNLP slaves now satisfies stricter requirements imposed by JDK7u45. (issue 20204)
  • Fixed NPE executing Pipe.EOF with ProxyWriter (issue 20769)

What's new in 1.557 (2014/03/31)

  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in XStream with Oracle JDK8 release version (issue 18537)
  • Corrected permission checks for copy-job and create-job CLI commands. (issue 22262)
  • identity.key, used to secure some communications with Jenkins, now stored encrypted with the master key.
  • When dynamically loading a plugin which another loaded plugin already had an optional dependency on, class loading errors could result before restart. (issue 19976)
  • Memory leaks in the old data monitor. (issue 19544)
  • Ability for custom view types to disable automatic refresh. (issue 21190) (issue 21191)
  • Option to download metadata directly from Jenkins rather than going through the browser. (issue 19081)
  • Allow JDK8 (and other versions) to be downloaded by JDKInstaller correctly. (issue 22347)

What's new in 1.556 (2014/03/23)

  • Access through API token and SSH key login now fully retains group memberships. (issue 20064)
  • API changes allowing more flexibility in unusual job types. (issue 22131)
  • Job can be reloaded individually from disk with "job/FOO/reload" URL or "reload-job" CLI command

What's new in 1.555 (2014/03/16)

  • Jenkins should recover gracefully from a failure to process "remember me" cookie (issue 11643)
  • Fixed Up link in matrix projects (issue 21773)

What's new in 1.554 (2014/03/09)

  • Archiving of symlinks as artifacts did not work in some cases. (issue 21958)
  • Slow rendering of directories with many entries in remote workspaces. (issue 21780)

What's new in 1.553 (2014/03/02)

  • Build history widget only showed the last day of builds. (Due to JENKINS-20892, even with this fix at most 20 builds are shown.) (issue 21159)
  • Random class loading error mostly known to affect static analysis plugins. (issue 12124)
  • After restarting Jenkins, users known only from changelogs could be shown as First Last _first.last@some.org_, breaking mail delivery. (issue 16332)
  • CLI build -s -v command caused 100% CPU usage on the master. (issue 20965)
  • Slave started from Java Web Start can now install itself as a systemd service.
  • Split the “raw HTML” markup formatter out of core into a bundled plugin.
  • Do not show Maven modules and matrix configurations in the Copy Job dialog. (issue 19559)
  • Fix autocompletion for items in folders. (pull request 1124)

What's new in 1.552 (2014/02/24)

  • Fixed handling of default JENKINS_HOME when storing CLI credentials (issue 21772)
  • Fixed broken action links on Label page (issue 21778)
  • Allow Actions to contribute to Labels' main page (issue 21777)
  • Expensive symlink-related calls on Windows can be simplified. (issue 20534)
  • Improve detection of broken reverse proxy setups.

What's new in 1.551 (2014/02/14)

  • Valentine's day security release that contains more than a dozen security fixes. (security advisory)
  • Regression in Windows slaves since 1.547. (issue 21373)
  • Using java -jar jenkins-core.jar folder/external-monitor-job cmd … did not work. (issue 21525)
  • Jenkins crash on startup after upgrade from 1.546 to 1.548. (issue 21474)
  • f:combobox is narrow. (issue 21612)
  • The workspace cleanup thread failed to handle the modern workspace location on master, and mishandled folders. (issue 21023)
  • Fixed missing help items on "Configure Global Security" page (issue 19832)
  • Sort groups on user index page alphabetically. (issue 21673)
  • Should not be able to create a job named . (period). (issue 21639)
  • Plugins implementing "AsyncPeriodicWork" can overwrite default logging level (pull request #1115)
  • Wrong log message for out-of-order build record repair. (issue 20730)
  • Existing Fingerprint Action is reused and not added a second time. (issue 19832)
  • TestObject doesn't replace '%' character (issue 21707)
  • "java -jar jenkins.war" should use unique session cookie for users who run multiple Jenkins on the same host.

What's new in 1.550 (2014/02/09)

  • Report number of all jobs as part of usage statistics (issue 21448)
  • Replace description in error dialog instead of appending (issue 21457)

What's new in 1.549 (2014/01/25)

  • Removing the "keep this build forever" lock on a build should require the DELETE permission. (issue 16417)
  • Files added to zip archive are closed properly. (issue 20345)
  • Broken CSS when reloading Jenkins after a time of inactivity (issue 17526)
  • Add Batch Command tool installer for Windows nodes. (issue 21202)
  • Allow more specific loggers to reduce log level. (issue 21386)

What's new in 1.548 (2014/01/20)

  • API for adding actions to a wide class of model objects at once. (issue 18224)
  • Added infrastructure for moving items into or out of folders. (issue 20008) (issue 18028) (issue 18680)
  • Apply buttons did not work in Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. (issue 19826)
  • Builds can seem to disappear from a job in a folder if that folder is renamed. (issue 18694)
  • /login offers link to /opensearch.xml which anonymous users cannot retrieve. (issue 21254)
  • Added API class SecurityListener to receive login events and similar. (issue 20999)
  • Option to hold lazy-loaded build references strongly, weakly, and more. (issue 19400)

What's new in 1.547 (2014/01/12)

  • Split Windows slave functionality into its own plugin.
  • NPE since 1.545 when using aggregated test result publisher without specifying downstream jobs explicitly. (issue 18410)
  • Fixed Trend Graph NPE when there isn't any builds (issue 21239)

What's new in 1.546 (2014/01/06)

  • Builds disappear after renaming a job. (issue 18678)
  • When clicking Apply to rename a job, tell the user that Save must be used instead. (issue 17401)
  • Exception from XStream running Maven builds on strange Java versions. (issue 21183)
  • When clicking Apply results in an exception (error page), show it, rather than creating an empty dialog. (issue 20772)

Older changelogs can be found in a separate file

Hosting your Hudson plugin at Github

For as long as Hudson's had a plugin model and development community, we've provided source code and binary hosting through our Subversion repo at java.net. But what if you're a plugin developer and you don't want to use Subversion? Well, we have an alternative for your source code: host it with Hudson on GitHub.


To get this in place, send an email to dev@hudson.dev.java.net (or ask in the IRC channel) asking to get a repository created for your plugin at Github. Make sure to include the name of the plugin and your Github username (and the Github usernames of any other developers who'll be pushing to your plugin's repo). If your plugin is already in Github, include the URL for the existing repo so that we can fork it. One of the Hudson admins will create the repository (forking if appropriate) and add the user(s) to the list of users with push access to the Hudson-hosted repositories at Github. Once you hear back from them, you'll be able to push code to the new repository.

You will need to make a few changes to your plugin's POM, as compared to what works for a plugin POM in the java.net Subversion tree.

Hudson 1.368 Released!

Regular readers will recognize that I've been slacking off quite a bit lately with my release announcements, my apologies. With the release of 1.368 on Sunday, which fixed a few fairly important bugs, I figured I'd dusty off my blogging fedora and give this a shot.

This release has three bug fixes in it which were causing some issues for some users, particularly those deploying Hudson inside the recently released Tomcat 7.0 (see issue 6738).

Hudson users utilizing the JDK auto-installation feature between different platforms may have been affected by issue 6880 which was also fixed in this release.

Bringing up the rear is the fix to issue 7004 which detailed a few discrepencies between the /buildWithParameters and the /build remote APIs.

If you're not affected by these issues, you may want to wait for the soon-to-be-released 1.369 which has even more juicy bug fixes in it (with a dash of enhancements) to upgrade.

Continuous Deployment on the new Digg

In my capacity as Build Guy at Digg, I've written up a blog post on our new continuous deployment/code review/pre-tested commit workflow. We're using a combination of Hudson, Git and Gerrit, Selenium and more to make sure that every change going to Digg's new site has been thoroughly tested.

Read the whole post, with all the juicy details over on Digg's Technology Blog!

Hudson with Selenium and Sauce On-Demand Videos

A few weeks ago, Kohsuke stopped by the San Francisco Selenium Meetup hosted by Sauce Labs to talk about all things Selenium and Hudson related (with a bit of Sauce in there too).

The good folks over at Sauce Labs have gotten around to posting some of the videos taken with Kohsuke.

Instead of embed the videos, I wanted to directly link to the post and make sure that you all went over to check out Sauce Labs, they're up to some interesting things over there.

Monitor Hudson from your Android

So you've got your fancy Android cell phone and you're thinking to yourself "besides feeling smugly superior to iPhone users, what can I do with this thing?" Perhaps you should be considering using it as a phone but if that's too boring, check out the new and improved Hudson Mood widget for Android! The latest release brings support for multiple servers and fancier graphics.

If you're interested in installing the widget, search for "Hudson Mood" in the Android Market, and be sure to thank Siarhei Dudzin for creating the widget!

Updated Chrome Extension

The developer for the Hudson extension for Google Chrome, Sebastian Sanitz, emailed the users@ list today to inform the community of an update to his fantastic extension.

Sebastian's extension monitors ci.hudson-labs.org by default, but the URL and polling interval are both trivial to change. When any of the builds in the configured URL fail, you'll see a red "Fail" indicator, otherwise green "Ok".

If you're interested in contributing to the plugin, good news! It's open source! You can find it on GitHub.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

A Python Love Story: Virtualenv and Hudson

Over the past year Hudson has grown tremendously, both within the Java community and outside of it. Partially thanks to Titus Brown's PyCon 2010 Atlanta coverage of continuous integration for Python (which we've covered before), Hudson has made great strides within the Python community as well.

In my experience, the majority of Python developers are not using Hudson to build anything, unless they have C extensions, but rather to test their packages, which presents its own set of specific requirements for jobs. Jobs for testing Python code need to be able to reliaby reproduce an environment with the same set of dependencies from one run to the next in order to provide consistent testing. Unlike their Java counterparts, Python developers cannot rely on a powerful system like Maven2 for enumerating build/test targets or defining their project's dependencies in their jobs; fortunately, w e can have something close: virtualenv and pip.

Virtualenv does exactly what you might expect it to, it creates a "virtual environment" with custom site-packages directory, and modified python executable. Using virtualenv you can create a staged environment to use for running unit and integration tests. Adding pip alongside that and you have a fantastic Python package manager/installer to use with the virtual environment.

Below, I've outlined the steps required to use virtualenv and pip to automatically manage a custom environment for your Python jobs.

Gee Thanks

Squee-D had some nice things to say in the #hudson IRC channel yesterday that I thought I would share:

Just to sing some praise again, make sure you all know how appreciated it is, we absolutely love hudson, and appreciate everyone who develops and maintains it.

Positive feedback (and negative really) is always appreciated; have you thanked your plugin maintainer today?