Jenkins Sao Paulo Meetup this weekend

I'm going to visit Sao Paulo once again this weekend to attend the second annual Jenkins users meet-up. It's a whole day free event Saturday full of Jenkins goodness.

You'll hear from a number of active Jenkins folks, and I'll be presenting about what CloudBees (where I currently work) has contributed to the Jenkins project, including recent new OSS plugins and some services. I'm also stuffing my suitcase with lots of give-aways, including Jenkins stickers and popular Jenkins bobble heads. I don't intend to bring anything back to the U.S.

Bobble head

The morning half of the event is a cross-atlantic hackathon between Brazil and Copenhagen. you can check what's being planned on the western side of the ocean and the eastern side of the ocean. The afternoon half is a series of presentations. Please come join us. I'm really looking forward to seeing you!

I'll be in Sao Paulo for the whole Sunday and Monday as well.

Jenkins User Conference 2013 Palo Alto Wrap-up

It's been a month now, but I realized that I've never posted a wrap-up post of JUC 2013. So in the spirit of "better later than, never", here it goes.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who came. More than 400 of you came, and another 600 signed up for live streaming of events (and I know some people watched those live streams past midnight in their local time zone!). I did my part in signing bobble heads and answering questions, and I was able to finally put faces to some of the people who I actively interact in the community but never met before.

I tried to take as many pictures as I can, and Lisa and Alyssa had posted their pictures as well. If you have your pictures, please share it with us! My favorite is Jenkins cupcake:

Summary Report: Git Repository Disruption Incident of Nov 10th

As reported in various places, there was an incident in early November where commits in our Git repositories have become misplaced temporarily by accident. By the mid next week we were able to resurrect all the commits and things are back to normal now.

As there are many confusions and misunderstandings in people’s commentary, we wrote this post to clarify what exactly happened and what we are doing to prevent this.


In the early morning of Nov 10th 2013, one of the 680 Jenkins developers had mistakenly launched Gerrit with a partially misconfigured Gerrit replication plugin, while pointing Gerrit to his local directory that contains 186 Git repositories cloned from the Github Jenkins organization. These repositories were checked out about 2 months ago and weren’t kept up to date. Gerrit replication plugin had then tried to “replicate” his local repositories back to GitHub, which it considers mirrors, by doing the equivalent of “git push --force” instead of regular push.

JUC: Call for Volunteers to Join the Organizing Committee (and Venues!)

This is a guest post from Alyssa Tong, who drives JUC organizations around the world.

If you missed JUC Palo Alto on Oct 23, 2013 the videos are now available.

We are off to planning JUC 2014. It is hard to believe this will be the 4th annual JUC in the Bay Area. The growth in the Jenkins community since the first JUC is astounding.

Every year we are in search of a larger venue to accommodate the larger crowd. For 2014, the challenge of finding a venue for a capacity of 500+ attendees at a low cost will prove even more daunting. We would love to hear your suggestions for low cost venues (in the Bay Area) so that we may continue to keep entry cost low while providing convenience and the highest level of Jenkins education to attendees. Please send suggestion(s) to

We are proud to launch the call for volunteers to join the JUC organizing committee (OC). If you are interested in shaping the 4th edition of this great event, please send email to

We encourage you to share this blog within your network in case other people would be interested in joining the JUC OC or have ideas for a great JUC 2014 location.

DKIM and SPF deployed

In the hope of streamlining account creation e-mail delivery and mailing list moderations, I have deployed SPF and DKIM over the weekend for e-mails coming out of, which includes account appliations, Confluence, and JIRA.

I've also used this opportunity to switch back the sender of JIRA notifications to It was originally this way, then changed to when someone complained (on what ground I do not remember any more.)

To the degree that I have tested the setup, it is working correctly, but if you notice anything strange, please let me know.