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Bay Area JAM

Last week, the first Jenkins Area Meetup (JAM) took place in San Jose, CA on Wednesday, Sept 23. What a way to kick off the first JAM other than to have Docker, John Willis as our guest speaker. John talked about immutable infrastructure and its benefits and role of containers.

Kohsuke discussed Jenkins Workflow, the motivation behind the same and latest features of Jenkins Workflow like multi branch support followed by docker use cases. The highlight of the meetup was definitely Kohsuke breaking the news about Jenkins 2.0 and his vision and motivation behind it.

GUI improvements on the horizon

This past Thursday, September 24th, 2015, I presented a couple of prototypes of what I hope will be the future of the Jenkins GUI. Or perhaps more correctly, close enough to the future to start generating positive feedback from you the community that improving the Jenkins GUI is important and some pieces that I am showing are going in the right direction. If you have ~45 minutes to spare, I recommend the video (the narrator's voice is very soothing). If not, I offer the following as a reasonable summary.

Jenkins has a lot of strengths as tool. Its robust user community along with its thoughtful and extensible design are two of the most immediate. They are the two pillars that have made Jenkins the leader in the CD/CI space and the de facto choice for most of us looking to automate our build and test processes. But let's face it, by today's standards, the GUI doesn't really sing. I will even go so far as to say, I believe it is a platform liability at the moment, and even among we the Jenkins faithful, few of us look forward to using it.

Office hour on form handling in Jenkins

Update: This week's office hour has been canceled.

This Wednesday, Sep 23, at 11 am PDT I will host another office hour on Stapler, the web framework used in Jenkins. This time, I'll show you how structured form submission in Jenkins works, and how Stapler can help you with it.

As usual, the office hour will use Hangout on Air, and a limited number of people will be able to join and participate. The others will be able to watch the office hour live on YouTube. Links to participate and watch will be posted before the event on the Office Hours wiki page.

Update: This week's office hour has been canceled.

Office hour on proposed UI/UX changes

Gus Reiber will host this week's office hour on Wednesday, 11 AM PDT. He'll talk about some of the UI/UX improvements in Jenkins that he's working on, and will answer your questions about it.

He's already given several talks about this, so you can check these out to learn more before the office hour:

There are also some mailing list threads where he's discussing his designs with the community:

The links to the Google Hangout (participate) and Youtube (watch live) will be posted to the wiki before the event. If you don't get into the Hangout (limited number of participants), don't worry: You'll be able to send questions and suggestions to his Twitter account @gusreiber.

Jenkins User Conference West Day 1

Boy, what a day! This is the 5th annual JUC in San Francisco bay area, and the crowd is getting bigger.

I brought the LEGO Jenkins + CloudBees logo mosaic that we built at the CloudBees San Jose office:

The community booth was very busy. We have people like Dean Yu (board), Andrew Bayer (board), Mark Waite (git), Jesse Glick (workflow and core), Daniel Beck (core), Vincent Latombe (literate), Steven Christou (subversion) and Owen Mehegan (community outreach) talking to people all day long.

If you are here, make sure to stop by, and if you are not, follow news with #jenkinsconf.