Mailing Lists

All of Jenkins' mailing lists are now hosted on Google Groups. The two primary mailing lists (dev@ and users@) have a large number of subscribers, and moderate daily email volume, please strive to be clear and concise when sending messages.

Discussion Lists Core-/Plugin-developer discussion archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe General user question/discussion archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe 日本語ユーザーおよび開発者の為のメーリングリスト archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe Jenkins grupo de usuários em Português do Brasil archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe Jenkins users list in Korean archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe Jenkins community operations and infrastructure archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe Events, meet-ups, and fostering local communities archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe

Read-only Lists Security Advisories archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe Notifications from JIRA archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe Core and plugin commit messages archive  | subscribe  | unsubscribe