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What's new in 1.614 (2015/05/17)

  • ExtensionList even listener. (issue 28434)
  • NullPointerException computing load statistics under some conditions. (issue 28384)
  • Plugins using class loader masking did not work properly over the slave channel. (issue 27289)
  • DefaultJnlpSlaveReceiver now returns true when rejecting a takeover. (issue 27939)
  • Do not follow href after sending POST via l:task (issue 28437)
  • Build history overflows (issue 28425)
  • Build History badges don't wrap (issue 28455)

What's new in 1.613 (2015/05/10)

  • Update bundled LDAP plugin in order to restore missing help files (issue 28233)
  • hudson.model.Run.getLog() throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when called with maxLines=0 (issue 27441)

What's new in 1.612 (2015/05/03)

  • Jenkins now requires Java 7. (announcement, issue 28120)
  • Handle AbortException publisher status in the same way as deprecated false boolean status (issue 26964)
  • Ensures GlobalSettingsProvider does not swallow fatal exceptions (issue 26604)
  • add datestamp to node-offline message (issue 23917)
  • Larger minimum popup menu height. (issue 27067)
  • Descriptor.getId fix in 1.610 introduced regressions affecting at least the Performance and NodeJS plugins. (issue 28093 and issue 28110)
  • Under rare conditions Executor.getProgress() can throw a Division by zero exception. (issue 28115)
  • The Run from the command line option for launching a JNLP slave should display the configured JVM options. (issue 28111)

What's new in 1.611 (2015/04/26)

  • Descriptor.getId fix in 1.610 introduced a regression affecting at least the Copy Artifacts plugin. (issue 28011)
  • Search box did not work well inside folders. (issue 24433)
  • Revert changes in 1.610 made to resolve issue 10629. (issue 28012, issue 28013)
  • Advertise JNLP slave agents to the correct host name, even in the presence of a reverse proxy. (issue 27218)
  • Advertised TCP slave agent port number is made tweakable.
  • Correctly identify Channel listener onClose propagated exceptions (issue 28062

What's new in 1.610 (2015/04/19)

  • Since 1.598 overrides of Descriptor.getId were not correctly handled by form binding, breaking at least the CloudBees Templates plugin. (issue 26781)
  • Reverted in 1.611. Archiving of large artifacts. Tar implementation cannot handle files having a size >8GB. (issue 10629)
  • The queue state was not updated between scheduling builds. (issue 27708, issue 27871)

What's new in 1.609 (2015/04/12)

  • When concurrent builds are enabled, artifact retention policy may delete artifact being used by an actually running build. (issue 27836)
  • Documentation for $BUILD_ID did not reflect current reality (issue 26520)

What's new in 1.608 (2015/04/05)

  • PeepholePermalink RunListenerImpl oncompleted should be triggered before downstream builds are triggered. (issue 20989)
  • NPE when /script used on offline slave. (issue 26751)
  • Make periodic workspace cleanup configurable through system properties. (issue 21322)
  • Do not offer to restart on /restart and /safeRestart if the configuration does not support it. (issue 27414)
  • Polling was skipped while quieting down, resulting in ignored commit notifications. This behavior was changed. (issue 26208)
  • Starting this version, native packages are produced from the new repository. File issues related to installers and packages in the packaging component.

What's new in 1.607 (2015/03/30)

  • JSONP served with the wrong MIME type and rejected by Chrome. (issue 27607)
  • Security file pattern whitelist was broken for some plugins since 1.597. (issue 27055)
  • Lock an Executor without creating a Thread (issue 25938)
  • Hide flyweight master executor when ≥1 heavyweight executors running as subtasks (issue 26900)
  • Way to mark an Executable that should not block isReadyToRestart (issue 22941)
  • Refactor the Queue and Nodes to use a consistent locking strategy (issue 27565) Note that this change involved moving slave definitions outside the main config.xml file. If you downgrade after this, your slave settings will be lost.
  • Makes the Jenkins is loading screen not block on the extensions loading lock (issue 27563)
  • AdjunctManager: exception upon startup (issue 15355)
  • Removes race condition rendering the list of executors (issue 27564)
  • Tidy up the locks that were causing deadlocks with the once retention strategy in durable tasks (issue 27476)
  • Remove any requirement from Jenkins Core to lock on the Queue when rendering the Jenkins UI (issue 27566)
  • Prevent lazy loading operation when obtaining label information. (issue 26391)
  • Ensure that the LoadStatistics return a self-consistent result. (issue 21618)
  • Build reports to be running for 45 yr and counting. (issue 26777)

What's new in 1.606 (2015/03/23)

  • Jenkins CLI doesn't handle arguments with equal signs (issue 21160)
  • master/slave communication ping reacts badly if a clock jumps. (issue 21251)
  • JNLP slaves can now connect to master through HTTP proxy. (issue 6167)
  • Fixes to several security vulnerabilities. (advisory)

What's new in 1.605 (2015/03/16)

  • Integrate Stapler fix for queue item API always returning 404 Not Found since 1.601. (issue 27256)

What's new in 1.604 (2015/03/15)

  • Added a switch (-Dhudson.model.User.allowNonExistentUserToLogin=true) to let users login even when the record is not found in the backend security realm. (issue 22346)
  • Avoid deadlock when using build-monitor-plugin. (issue 27183)
  • As security hardening, mark "remember me" cookie as HTTP only (issue 27277)
  • Show displayName in build remote API. (issue 26723)

What's new in 1.602 (2015/03/08)

  • Show Check Now button also on Available and Updates tabs of plugin manager. (PR 1593)

What's new in 1.601 (2015/03/03)

  • Regression with environment variables in 1.600. (issue 27188)
  • Errors with concurrent matrix builds since 1.597. (issue 26739)
  • Errors in Dashboard View plugin since 1.597. (issue 26690)
  • Robustness improvement when setting up Archive Artifacts programmatically. (issue 25779)
  • Map onto Run (issue 27096)

What's new in 1.600 (2015/02/28)

  • Fixes to multiple security vulnerabilities. (security advisory)
  • JDK auto-installer for Mac OSX
  • An error thrown in the wrong place in a publisher could result in a failure to release a workspace lock. (issue 26698)
  • Cache node environment to prevent unnecessary channel usage (issue 26755)
  • Build history text field wrap fails when containing markup (issue 26406)
  • Maven build step fail to launch mvn process when special chars are present in build variables. (issue 26684)

What's new in 1.599 (2015/02/16)

  • Errors in some Maven builds since 1.598. (issue 26601)
  • Build format change migrator in 1.597 did not work on some Windows systems. (issue 26519)
  • Remote FilePath.chmod fails with ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.ServletException. (issue 26476)
  • Added SimpleBuildWrapper API. (issue 24673)
  • Animated ball in job's build history widget won't open Console Output. (issue 26365)
  • Show job name in Schedule Build column tool tip. (issue 25234)
  • Allow OldDataMonitor to discard promoted-build-plugin Promotions (issue 26718)

What's new in 1.598 (2015/01/25)

  • FutureImpl does not cancel its start future. (issue 25514)
  • Flyweight tasks were under some conditions actually being run on heavyweight executors. (issue 10944) (issue 24519)
  • Folder loading broken when child item loading throws exception. (issue 22811)
  • Plugin icon images were broken when running Jenkins from a UNC path. (issue 26203)
  • Allow admin signup from /manage as well. (issue 26382)
  • Amend JAVA_HOME check to work with JDK 9. (issue 25601)
  • CLI list-jobs command should display raw name, not display name, where they differ. (issue 25338)
  • Show queue item parameters in tool tip. (issue 22311)
  • Better support functional tests from Gradle-based plugins. (issue 26331)
  • Allow users to delete builds even if they are supposed to be kept. (issue 26281)
  • Fixed side/main panel scrolling issues. (issue 26312, issue 26298, issue 26306)
  • Improve error reporting when channel closed during build. (issue 26411)
  • Fixed CodeMirror issue with height and re-enabled syntax highlighting in shell build step. (issue 25455, issue 23151)

What's new in 1.597 (2015/01/19)

  • JENKINS_HOME layout change: builds are now keyed by build numbers and not timestamps. See Wiki for details and downgrade. (issue 24380)
  • Do not throw exception on /signup when not possible. (issue 11172)
  • Tool installer which downloads and unpacks archives should not fail the build if the tool already exists and the server returns an error code. (issue 26196)
  • Fingerprint compaction aggravated lazy-loading performance issues. (issue 19392)
  • Possible unreleased workspace lock if SCM polling fails during setup. (issue 26201)
  • Misleading description of the 'workspace' permission. (issue 20148)
  • Run parameters should show display name if set, rather than build numbers. (issue 25174)
  • Add range check for H(X-Y) syntax. (issue 25897)

What's new in 1.596 (2015/01/04)

  • Build page was broken in Hungarian localization while building. (issue 26155)
  • Allow breaking label and node lists. (issue 25989)

What's new in 1.595 (2014/12/21)

What's new in 1.594 (2014/12/14)

  • After recent Java security updates, Jenkins would not gracefully recover from a deleted secrets/master.key. (issue 25937)
  • Restrict where this project can be run regressed in 1.589 when using the ClearCase plugin. (issue 25533)

What's new in 1.593 (2014/12/07)

What's new in 1.592 (2014/11/30)

  • Performance problems on large workspaces associated with validating file include patterns. (issue 25759)

What's new in 1.591 (2014/11/25)

  • Always use forward slashes in path separators during in ZIP archives generated by Directory Browser (issue 22514)

What's new in 1.590 (2014/11/16)

  • Basic Authentication in combination with Session is broken (issue 25144)
  • Some plugins broken since 1.584 if they expected certain events to be fired under a specific user ID. (issue 25400)
  • Fixed various real or potential resource leaks discovered by Coverity Scan (pull request 1434)
  • API changes: Expose AbstractProject.AbstractProjectDescriptor#validateLabelExpression for plugins. (pull request 1456)
  • API method to aggregate multiple FormValidations into one. (pull request 1458)
  • API method to get non-null Jenkins instance with internal validation (issue 23339)

What's new in 1.589 (2014/11/09)

  • JNA error in WindowsInstallerLink.doDoInstall. (issue 25358)
  • Restore compatibility of label assignment for some plugins. (issue 25372)

What's new in 1.588 (2014/11/02)

  • Unnecessarily slow startup time with a massive number of jobs. (issue 25473)
  • Custom workspace option did not work under some conditions. (issue 25221)

What's new in 1.587 (2014/10/29)

  • Queue didn't always leave a trail for cancelled items properly (issue 25314)
  • JNA update for deprecated JNA-POSIX library. (issue 24527)
  • Introduced slave-to-master security mechanism to defend a master from slaves. (SECURITY-144)

What's new in 1.586 (2014/10/26)

  • Bumping up JNA to 4.10. This is potentially a breaking change for plugins that depend on JNA 3.x (issue 24521)
  • Prevent empty file creation if file parameter is left empty. (issue 3539)
  • Servlet containers may refuse to let us set secure cookie flag. Deal with it gracefully. (issue 25019)
  • Existing FileParameters should be handled as different values to avoid merging of queued builds (issue 19017)

What's new in 1.585 (2014/10/19)

  • Build health computed repeatedly for a single Weather column cell. (issue 25074)
  • Missing workspace page should use 404 status code. (issue 10450)
  • Fixed memory leak occurring on pages producing incremental output with a progress bar. (issue 25081)
  • Updated SSH Slaves plugin to 1.8.
  • Due to the reaction, default umask in debian package is set back to 022 (issue 25065)
  • Greater-than characters are not escaped in HTML outputs like e-mails (issue 16184)
  • Thread starvation from OldDataMonitor. (issue 24763)
  • Integer overflow in quiet-down timeout calculation (issue 24914)
  • Don't put session IDs in URLs even when cookies are disabled. (issue 22358)
  • Show keep build log reason in tool tips (pull request 1422)
  • Do not disable projects, which do not support such operation (like Matrix configurations) (issue 24340)
  • Improved the scalability of SSH slaves plugin caused by global lock in SecureRandom (issue 20108)
  • Incorporated a fix for "Poodle" (CVE-2014-3566) vulnerability in the HTTPS connector of "java -jar jenkins.war" (issue 25169)

What's new in 1.584 (2014/10/12)

  • Diagnostic thread names are now available while requests are still in filters
  • When killing Windows processes, check its critical flag to avoid BSoD (issue 24453)
  • When a user could not see a view, but could delete/move/rename jobs contained in it, the view was not properly updated. (issue 22769)
  • Use POST for cancel quiet down link. (issue 23020, issue 23942)
  • Do not consider port in use error to be a successful start of Jenkins on Debian. (issue 24966)

What's new in 1.583 (2014/10/01)

What's new in 1.582 (2014/09/28)

  • Channel reader thread can end up consuming 100% CPU. (issue 23471)
  • CancelledKeyException can cause all JNLP slaves to disconnect (and the problem remains until restart). (issue 24050)
  • Consider dynamic label assignments for label load statistics. (issue 15576)
  • Use Windows line endings for batch file build steps. (issue 7478)
  • Reduced the logging clutter about the lack of @ExportedBean. (issue 24458)
  • Character encoding problem in form submission when file parameters are present. (issue 11543)
  • Improved error handling and "in-progress" UI feedback in JNLP slave to service installation.
  • Winstone 2.4: reverse proxy support in the logging, request header size limit control, and different private key password from keystore password. (issue 23665)
  • umask setting on Debian did not work. (pull 1397)
  • handle job move when buildDir is configured to a custom location. (issue 24825)

What's new in 1.581 (2014/09/21)

  • Use slightly larger Jenkins head icon. (pull 1360)
  • Allow setting a system property to disable X-Frame-Options header. (issue 21881)
  • Explicitly set background color of various UI elements to white. (issue 24625)
  • Wrong Hebrew localization resulted in broken console output since 1.539. (issue 24614)

What's new in 1.580 (2014/09/14)

  • Health reports saved to disk before 1.576 showed no weather icon since that version. (issue 24407)
  • Renaming jobs fails if parent dir of custom build records directory does not exist. (issue 19764)
  • Add editable descriptions for label atoms. (issue 6153)

What's new in 1.579 (2014/09/06)

  • ConcurrentModificationException in RunListProgressiveRendering. (issue 21437)
  • StackOverflowError for some old SCMListeners. (issue 23522)
  • Job status page shows "Build has been executing for null on master" for flyweight tasks. (issue 20307)
  • File locking issue when running functional tests on Windows. (issue 21977)
  • Tolerate ?auto_refresh in reverse proxy check on /manage page. (issue 24014)
  • Debian package now sets umask to 027 by default for better default privacy. See /etc/default/jenkins to change this. (issue 24514)

What's new in 1.578 (2014/08/31)

  • Added 'no-store' to the 'Cache-Control' header to avoid accidental information leak through local cache backup (issue 24337)
  • Deadlock in OldDataMonitor. (issue 24358)
  • Use absolute links for computer sidepanel items so they don't break as easily. (issue 23963)

What's new in 1.577 (2014/08/24)

  • Failure to migrate legacy user records in 1.576 properly broke Jenkins, resulted in NullPointerExceptions. (issue 24317)
  • Jenkins did not correctly display icons contributed by plugins in 1.576. (issue 24316)
  • Moved JUnit reporting functionality to a plugin. (issue 23263)
  • Fixed ClassCastException on org.dom4j.DocumentFactory (issue 13709)
  • Jenkins now logs warnings when it fails to export objects to XML/JSON. This can result in a lot of log output in case of heavy API use. We recommend that API users use the ?tree parameter instead of ?depth. (commit)
  • Allow BuildStep to work with non-AbstractProject (issue 23713)
  • Improved class loading performance when using Groovy. (issue 24309)
  • Prevent NullPointerException from (issue 24110)
  • Make the lifetime of queue items cache configurable. (issue 19691)
  • Support --username/--password authentication for CLIMethod based CLI commands. (issue 23988)
  • Don't link to /safeRestart after update if Jenkins cannot restart itself. (issue 24032)
  • Properly consider busy executors when reducing a node's executor count. (issue 24095)

What's new in 1.576 (2014/08/18)

  • Worked around "incompatible InnerClasses attribute" bug in IBM J9 VM (issue 22525)
  • Fixed a file descriptor leak with CLI connections. (issue 23248)
  • Fixed a regression that removed all users with uppercase letters in the user name since 1.566. (issue 23872)
  • Improving security of set-build-parameter and set-build-result CLI commands. (issue 24080)
  • Startup can be broken by deeply recursive causes in build records. (issue 24161)
  • Displaying unabridged test result trend on project index page defeated lazy loading. (issue 23945)
  • Added support for host:port format in X-Forwarded-Host header. (commit 19d8b80)
  • API to launch processes without printing the command line. (issue 23027)
  • Added option to increase impact of test failures on the weather report. (issue 24006)
  • Modernized sidebar <l:pane>s and making them work better with new layout. (issue 23810, issue 23829)
  • Add option to CLI to skip key authentication (e.g. when there's a password on the default key). (issue 23970)
  • Modernize tabBar and bigtable. Makes the project view look better. Same for Plugin Manager. (issue 24030)

What's new in 1.575 (2014/08/10)

  • Move option to fingerprint artifacts to Archive the Artifacts, Advanced options. (commit f43a450)
  • Move option to keep dependencies (builds) from Fingerprint to Advanced Project Options. (commit a8756c6)
  • Improved validation of Build Record Root Directory setting. (issue 14538)
  • Indicate which node the workspace being viewed is on. (issue 23636)
  • Show full project name for projects in folders. (issue 22971)
  • UI redesign: Shrink the top bar, change logo, changed links in top bar. (pull 1327, (pull 1328)
  • Killing processes started by builds on Unix was broken as of 1.553. (issue 22641)
  • Should not stop a build from finishing just to compute JUnit result difference to a prior build which is still running. (issue 10234)
  • Do not show link to System Information page for offline slaves, make page more robust when offline. (issue 23041)
  • Fix link to SCM polling log from downstream job cause. (issue 18048)
  • Autocomplete logger names. (issue 23994)
  • UI redesign: Fix links in header bar when logged in.
  • Do not show changes for the build at the lower bound of the changes list. (issue 18902)
  • Restrict access to SCM trigger status page to administrators. (pull 1282)

What's new in 1.574 (2014/07/27)

What's new in 1.573 (2014/07/20)

  • UI redesign: Changed element alignment, removed sidebar link underlines (pull 1314, pull 1316)
  • Word-break links in build logs to preserve page width (pull 1308)
  • Log rotation fails with "...looks to have already been deleted" (issue 22395)
  • Fixed unnecessary eager loading of build records in certain code path. (issue 18065)

What's new in 1.572 (2014/07/13)

  • UI redesign: Changed header, made layout <div>-based and responsive (pull 1310)
  • Improved handling of X-Forwarded-* headers (issue 23294)
  • Do not offer automatic upgrade if war parent directory is not writable (issue 23683)

What's new in 1.571 (2014/07/07)

  • IllegalArgumentException from AbstractProject.getEnvironment when trying to get environment variables from an offline slave. (issue 23517)
  • Overall.READ is sufficient to access /administrativeMonitor/hudsonHomeIsFull/ (SECURITY-134)
  • Master computer is not notified using ComputerListener (issue 23481)

What's new in 1.570 (2014/06/29)

  • Add CLI commands to add jobs to and remove jobs from views (add-job-to-view, remove-job-from-view). (issue 23361)
  • UI improvements / refreshing. (issue 23492)
  • Failed to correctly resave a project configuration containing both a forward and a reverse build trigger. (issue 23191)
  • Long log output resulted in missing Console link in popup. (issue 14264)
  • HTTP error 405 when trying to restart ssh host. (issue 23094)
  • Move 'None' Source Code Management option to top position. (issue 23434)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when ArctifactArchiver is called for a build with the undefined status. (issue 23526)
  • Allow disabling use of default exclude patterns in ArctifactArchiver (.git, .svn, etc.). (issue 20086)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when "properties" element is missing in a job's configuration submission by JSON (issue 23437)

What's new in 1.569 (2014/06/23)

  • Jenkins can now kill Win32 processes from Win64 JVMs. (issue 23410)
  • Allow custom security realm plugins to fire events to SecurityListeners. (issue 23417)
  • Recover gracefully if a build permalink has a non-numeric value. (issue 21631)
  • Fix form submission via the Enter key for Internet Explorer version 9. (issue 22373)
  • When Jenkins had a lot of jobs, submitting a view configuration change could overload the web server, even if few of the jobs were selected. (issue 20327)

What's new in 1.568 (2014/06/15)

  • Fixed JNLP connection handling problem (issue 22932)
  • Fixed NullPointerException caused by the uninitialized ProcessStarter environment in build wrappers (issue 20559)
  • Support the range notation for pagination in API (issue 23228)
  • Incorrect redirect after deleting a folder. (issue 23375)
  • Incorrect links from Build History page inside a folder. (issue 19310)
  • API changes allowing new job types to use SCM plugins. (issue 23365)
  • API changes allowing to create nested launchers (DecoratedLauncher) (issue 19454)

What's new in 1.567 (2014/06/09)

  • Fixed a reference counting bug in the remoting layer. (commit)
  • Avoid repeatedly reading symlinks from disk to resolve build permalinks. (issue 22822)
  • Show custom build display name in executors widget. (issue 10477)
  • CodeMirror support for shell steps broke initial configuration. (issue 23151)
  • Jenkins on Linux can not restart after plugin update when started without full path to java executable (issue 22818)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when a build triggering returns null cause (issue 20499)
  • Fixed NullPointerException on plugin installations when invalid update center is set (issue 20031)
  • Use DISABLED_ANIME icon while building a disabled project (issue 8358)
  • Process the items hierarchy when displaying the Show Poll Thread Count option (issue 22934)
  • Compressed output was turned on even before Access Denied errors were shown for disallowed Remote API requests, yielding a confusing error. (issue 17374) (issue 18116)
  • Properly close input streams in FileParameterValue (issue 22693)
  • Incorrect failure age in the JUnit test results (issue 18626)
  • Fixed deletion links for JVM Crash error logs (issue 22617)
  • Distinguish "nodes for label offline" from "no nodes for label" (issue 17114)
  • Add causes to queue item tool tip (issue 19250)
  • RPM: added JENKINS_HTTPS_KEYSTORE and JENKINS_HTTPS_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD options to Jenkins sysconfig file (issue 11673)
  • RPM: Do not install jenkins.repo file (issue 22690)
  • Don't advertise POSTing config.xml on master (issue 16264)
  • Handle null parameter values to avoid massive executor deaths (issue 15094)
  • Added an option to archive artifacts only when the build is successful (issue 22699)

What's new in 1.566 (2014/06/01)

  • Configurable case sensitivity mode for user IDs. (issue 22247)
  • Extension point for project naming strategies did not work from actual plugins. (issue 23127)
  • Introduce directly modifiable views (issue 22967)
  • Jenkins cannot restart Windows service (issue 22685)

What's new in 1.565 (2014/05/26)

  • Misleading error message trying to dynamically update a plugin (which is impossible) on an NFS filesystem. (issue 12753)
  • Updated component used by the swap space monitor to better support Debian and AIX.
  • SSH slave connections die after the slave outputs 4MB of stderr, usually during findbugs analysis (issue 22938)
  • Polling no longer triggers builds (regression 1.560) (issue 22750)
  • Allow markup formatter to be selected without enabling security. (issue 22028)
  • Fixed localization of build environment variable help. (issue 22867)

What's new in 1.564 (2014/05/19)

  • Improve list view performance on large instances with folders. (issue 22720)
  • Add indicator when build queue is filtered. (issue 22698)
  • Update bundled Matrix project plugin to 1.2 fixing issues introduced in 1.561. (issue 22879, issue 22798)

What's new in 1.563 (2014/05/11)

  • Memory exhausion in remoting channel since 1.560. (issue 22734)
  • Configurable size for log buffer. (issue 22840)
  • Gesture to clear log buffer. (issue 22839)
  • Prevent up to two-minute delay before scheduling jobs from a cron trigger. (pull request 1216)
  • Occasional attempts to delete a build during log rotation which had already been deleted. (issue 22395)
  • Again show proper display names for build parameters. (issue 22755)

What's new in 1.562 (2014/05/03)

  • Next build link was not reliably available from a previous build after starting a new one. (issue 20662)
  • Debian postinst: check for present user/group before adding them. (issue 22715)
  • Add distance between time tick labels on load statistics. (issue 22686)
  • Correctly show load statistics for master node. (issue 22689)
  • Make load statistics graph font configurable, use sans serif font by default. (issue 22688)
  • Add links to nodes on thread dump page for easier navigation. (issue 22672)

What's new in 1.561 (2014/04/27)

  • Fixed a corner case handling of tool installation. (issue 16846)
  • Enabled log rotation on the OSX package (issue 15178)
  • When measuring the length of the queue, jobs that consist of multiple subtasks should count as more than 1. (pull request 742)
  • Close drop-down button menu when clicking outside (issue 17050)
  • RunParameter with filtering enabled incorrectly includes builds which have not yet completed (issue 20974)
  • Fixed NPE if RunParameterValue points to a stable build. (issue 20857)
  • Fixed a JavaScript problem in sortable table with IE8. (issue 21729)
  • More efficient deletion of old builds (specified by date). (issue 22607)
  • The matrix project type was moved into its own plugin.
  • Linkage errors in notifiers could leak workspace leases. (issue 21622)
  • Better correction of the anomalous condition that several builds of a job specify the same number. (issue 22631)
  • Under certain conditions, a running build could mistakenly be shown as completed (and failed), while still producing output. (issue 22681)
  • Fix a bug which only showed the first detail part for radio buttons. (issue 22583)
  • Update version of bundled Mailer plugin to 1.8 to avoid issues with older versions
  • Show larger load statistics graphs. (issue 22674)
  • Linebreak project names less aggressively. (issue 22670)
  • Added a new extension point for more pluggable JNLP slave handling
  • Don't ask for confirmation when it doesn't make any sense. (issue 21720)
  • Jenkins asks for confirmation before leaving form even though user is not authorized to make changes. (issue 20597)
  • Make the computers monitor status row look different from regular node rows. (pull request 1095)
  • Do not offer "Install without restart" for plugin updates. (pull request 1125)
  • Require POST on more actions. (pull request 877)
  • Optimize image sizes. (pull request 648)
  • Properly close resources in case of exceptions. (pull request 737)
  • Fix warning on JBoss AS7 due to unnecessary xpp3_min dependency. (pull request 733)
  • Return queue item location when triggering buildWithParameters. (issue 13546)

What's new in 1.560 (2014/04/20)

  • Enforcing build trigger authentication at runtime by checking authentication associated with a build, rather than at configuration time. For compatibility, enforcement is skipped by default; you must install the Authorize Project plugin or similar for this to take effect. The “upstream pseudo trigger” was also removed in favor of a true trigger configured on the downstream project; you may use either the post-build action or the trigger according to where you want this configuration stored, and who is authorized to change it. (issue 16956)
  • Fixed NPE from view new job name autocompletion since 1.553. (issue 22142)
  • Deadlocks in concurrent builds under some conditions since 1.556. (issue 22560)
  • JNLP slaves are now handled through NIO-based remoting channels for better scalability.
  • Integrated codemirror v2.38. (issue 22582)
  • Listing plugins shortly after installation throws ConcurrentModificationException. (issue 22553)
  • Fixed NoSuchMethodException when destroying processes using JDK1.8. (issue 21341)
  • Avoid irrelevant job queing while node is offline. (issue 21394)
  • Debian package now creates 'jenkins' group
  • Suppress fingerprint link if fingerprint record isn't available. (issue 21818)
  • Job hangs if one of multiple triggered builds was aborted (issue 21932)
  • Don't submit form on Save after Apply in new window on some browsers. (issue 20245)
  • Remotely triggered builds now show correct IP address through proxy. (issue 18008)

What's new in 1.559 (2014/04/13)

  • Slaves connected via Java Web Start now restart themselves when a connection to Jenkins is lost. (issue 19055)
  • Fixed NPE from Slave.createLauncher. (issue 21999)
  • Faster rendering of views containing many items. (issue 18364)

What's new in 1.558 (2014/04/06)

  • Cron-style trigger configuration will now display expected prior and subsequent run times.
  • Incorrect filtering of build queue and executors widgets after 1.514. (issue 20500)
  • NoSuchMethodError: hudson.model.BuildAuthorizationToken.checkPermission(…) from Build Token Root plugin since 1.556. (issue 22382)
  • Allow a Trigger to be a DependencyDeclarer. (issue 22397)
  • Fixed a slow down in resource loading caused by fix to JENKINS-18677. (issue 21579)
  • jenkins.war file shouldn't be exploded into /tmp (issue 22442)
  • Fixed NPE in UserCause (issue 21875)
  • Added RobustMapConverter. (issue 22398)
  • JNLP slaves now satisfies stricter requirements imposed by JDK7u45. (issue 20204)
  • Fixed NPE executing Pipe.EOF with ProxyWriter (issue 20769)

What's new in 1.557 (2014/03/31)

  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in XStream with Oracle JDK8 release version (issue 18537)
  • Corrected permission checks for copy-job and create-job CLI commands. (issue 22262)
  • identity.key, used to secure some communications with Jenkins, now stored encrypted with the master key.
  • When dynamically loading a plugin which another loaded plugin already had an optional dependency on, class loading errors could result before restart. (issue 19976)
  • Memory leaks in the old data monitor. (issue 19544)
  • Ability for custom view types to disable automatic refresh. (issue 21190) (issue 21191)
  • Option to download metadata directly from Jenkins rather than going through the browser. (issue 19081)
  • Allow JDK8 (and other versions) to be downloaded by JDKInstaller correctly. (issue 22347)

What's new in 1.556 (2014/03/23)

  • Access through API token and SSH key login now fully retains group memberships. (issue 20064)
  • API changes allowing more flexibility in unusual job types. (issue 22131)
  • Job can be reloaded individually from disk with "job/FOO/reload" URL or "reload-job" CLI command

What's new in 1.555 (2014/03/16)

  • Jenkins should recover gracefully from a failure to process "remember me" cookie (issue 11643)
  • Fixed Up link in matrix projects (issue 21773)

What's new in 1.554 (2014/03/09)

  • Archiving of symlinks as artifacts did not work in some cases. (issue 21958)
  • Slow rendering of directories with many entries in remote workspaces. (issue 21780)

What's new in 1.553 (2014/03/02)

  • Build history widget only showed the last day of builds. (Due to JENKINS-20892, even with this fix at most 20 builds are shown.) (issue 21159)
  • Random class loading error mostly known to affect static analysis plugins. (issue 12124)
  • After restarting Jenkins, users known only from changelogs could be shown as First Last _first.last@some.org_, breaking mail delivery. (issue 16332)
  • CLI build -s -v command caused 100% CPU usage on the master. (issue 20965)
  • Slave started from Java Web Start can now install itself as a systemd service.
  • Split the “raw HTML” markup formatter out of core into a bundled plugin.
  • Do not show Maven modules and matrix configurations in the Copy Job dialog. (issue 19559)
  • Fix autocompletion for items in folders. (pull request 1124)

What's new in 1.552 (2014/02/24)

  • Fixed handling of default JENKINS_HOME when storing CLI credentials (issue 21772)
  • Fixed broken action links on Label page (issue 21778)
  • Allow Actions to contribute to Labels' main page (issue 21777)
  • Expensive symlink-related calls on Windows can be simplified. (issue 20534)
  • Improve detection of broken reverse proxy setups.

What's new in 1.551 (2014/02/14)

  • Valentine's day security release that contains more than a dozen security fixes. (security advisory)
  • Regression in Windows slaves since 1.547. (issue 21373)
  • Using java -jar jenkins-core.jar folder/external-monitor-job cmd … did not work. (issue 21525)
  • Jenkins crash on startup after upgrade from 1.546 to 1.548. (issue 21474)
  • f:combobox is narrow. (issue 21612)
  • The workspace cleanup thread failed to handle the modern workspace location on master, and mishandled folders. (issue 21023)
  • Fixed missing help items on "Configure Global Security" page (issue 19832)
  • Sort groups on user index page alphabetically. (issue 21673)
  • Should not be able to create a job named . (period). (issue 21639)
  • Plugins implementing "AsyncPeriodicWork" can overwrite default logging level (pull request #1115)
  • Wrong log message for out-of-order build record repair. (issue 20730)
  • Existing Fingerprint Action is reused and not added a second time. (issue 19832)
  • TestObject doesn't replace '%' character (issue 21707)
  • "java -jar jenkins.war" should use unique session cookie for users who run multiple Jenkins on the same host.

What's new in 1.550 (2014/02/09)

  • Report number of all jobs as part of usage statistics (issue 21448)
  • Replace description in error dialog instead of appending (issue 21457)

What's new in 1.549 (2014/01/25)

  • Removing the "keep this build forever" lock on a build should require the DELETE permission. (issue 16417)
  • Files added to zip archive are closed properly. (issue 20345)
  • Broken CSS when reloading Jenkins after a time of inactivity (issue 17526)
  • Add Batch Command tool installer for Windows nodes. (issue 21202)
  • Allow more specific loggers to reduce log level. (issue 21386)

What's new in 1.548 (2014/01/20)

  • API for adding actions to a wide class of model objects at once. (issue 18224)
  • Added infrastructure for moving items into or out of folders. (issue 20008) (issue 18028) (issue 18680)
  • Apply buttons did not work in Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. (issue 19826)
  • Builds can seem to disappear from a job in a folder if that folder is renamed. (issue 18694)
  • /login offers link to /opensearch.xml which anonymous users cannot retrieve. (issue 21254)
  • Added API class SecurityListener to receive login events and similar. (issue 20999)
  • Option to hold lazy-loaded build references strongly, weakly, and more. (issue 19400)

What's new in 1.547 (2014/01/12)

  • Split Windows slave functionality into its own plugin.
  • NPE since 1.545 when using aggregated test result publisher without specifying downstream jobs explicitly. (issue 18410)
  • Fixed Trend Graph NPE when there isn't any builds (issue 21239)

What's new in 1.546 (2014/01/06)

  • Builds disappear after renaming a job. (issue 18678)
  • When clicking Apply to rename a job, tell the user that Save must be used instead. (issue 17401)
  • Exception from XStream running Maven builds on strange Java versions. (issue 21183)
  • When clicking Apply results in an exception (error page), show it, rather than creating an empty dialog. (issue 20772)

What's new in 1.545 (2013/12/31)

  • CannotResolveClassException breaks loading of entire containing folder, not just one job. (issue 20951)
  • Better robustness against XML deserialization errors. (issue 21024)
  • Minimizing disk I/O while loading the names of build records during Jenkins startup. (issue 21078)
  • Avoiding serializing the owning build as part of a test result action, as this can lead to errors later. (issue 18410)

What's new in 1.544 (2013/12/15)

  • RingBufferLogHandler throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after int-overflow. (issue 9120)
  • Hudson shows 0GB free space when space available drops below 1GB. (issue 7776)
  • Added filter field for installed plugins tab. (issue 20219)
  • groovysh command did not work in authenticated Jenkins instances. (issue 17929)
  • Avoid eagerly loading all builds when displaying lists of them (Build History and Build Time Trend UIs). (issue 20892)
  • Error page should be visible even if the anonymous user does not have overall/read access. (issue 20866)
  • JavaScript errors when navigating away from a page with a build timeline widget while the timeline is loading. (pull request 1041)
  • Fixed a possible dead lock problem in deleting projects. (issue 19446)

What's new in 1.543 (2013/12/10)

  • HTML metacharacters not escaped in log messages. (issue 20800)

What's new in 1.542 (2013/12/02)

  • Improved error diagnosis for jzlib deflate problem. (issue 20618)
  • Improved error diagnosis for CLI stream corruption. (issue 18058)
  • Don't hold off building until saved for jobs copied from CLI. (issue 20744)
  • Allow build queue and executor status panes to be collapsed. (issue 5622)
  • Jenkins 1.540 just doesn't boot on Windows at all. (issue 20630)

What's new in 1.541 (2013/11/24)

  • Add option to create view by copying an existing one. (issue 13978)
  • Introduced the boot failure hook script that gets executed when Jenkins fails to start. (issue 20609)
  • Fixed "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: JarURLConnection" on OpenJDK (issue 20163)
  • FileAlreadyExistsException upon “deleted” symlink while (re)creating it. (issue 20610)
  • Allow background tasks to run simultaneously, preventing task blockage. (issue 19622)
  • Fixed failed tests displaying as Yellow in JUnit history plot (issue 7866)

What's new in 1.540 (2013/11/17)

  • CLI over HTTP was not working since 1.535. (issue 20128)
  • hudson appears in a the webpage title. (issue 14380)
  • Linkage error in InitializerFinder.discoverTasks blocks startup. (issue 20442)
  • Add Test button to check proxy connection (issue 20191)
  • Collect and report JVM crash dump files to assist trouble-shooting
  • ClassCastExceptions sometimes shown from views set to be recursive. (issue 20415)
  • Show different “up” link for jobs in folders. (issue 20106)
  • Add log handling line beginning with 'file://' as URL. (issue 19866)
  • Builds of a concurrently executable job might end up colliding on the same workspace. (issue 10615)
  • Fixed error during installation of .deb package (/var/run/jenkins doesn't exists) (issue 20407)
  • Global search box now remembers entered text (issue 18192)
  • Add extension point to allow plugins to contribute to the checking of assigned labels. (issue 20514)
  • Fixed issue where CLI required giving Overall read permission to anonymous. (issue 8815)
  • Jar cache option wasn't taking effect on JNLP slaves. (issue 20093)
  • Interrupting remote class loading can lead to NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class. (issue 19453)
  • Name channel executor threads for better diagnosability. (issue 19004)
  • Better diagnosability for remoting StreamCorruptedException (issue 8856)

What's new in 1.539 (2013/11/11)

  • Core started relying on Java6 API, completing Java5 -> Java6 migration. (discussion)
  • Adding a batch of contributed localization from the community.

What's new in 1.538 (2013/11/03)

  • Disabled, aborted, and not-build status now has different image names to allow themes to use different icons. (issue 19438)
  • Ask for confirmation if an user tries to leave an edited configuration page. (issue 19835)
  • Test failure summary appearance is improved. (issue 19884)
  • Added CLI commands that manipulate views (issue 19996)
  • Improved the /cli help screen. (issue 20023)
  • Polling-triggered jobs get scheduled en-mass on start-up if slaves aren't online yet. (issue 8408)
  • Fixed the handling of nested variable expansion. (issue 20280)
  • NPE thrown from CLI build command under some circumstances. (pull request 979)
  • Fixed a bug in the compatibility transformer (since 1.527) that causes VerifyError in Ivy plugin and possibly others. (issue 19383)
  • Pass full list of all possible jobs to ViewJobFilter when recurse option is set (issue 20143)
  • get-job and update-job CLI commands can now work with folders, or indeed any AbstractItem. (issue 20236)
  • Added API allowing plugins to hide entries from the context menu even while they appear in the sidepanel. (issue 19173)

What's new in 1.537 (2013/10/27)

  • Upgrade bundled plugin versions: ssh-slaves to 1.5, and credentials to 1.9.1 (issue 20071)
  • Build button column was broken in 1.535 for parameterized builds. (issue 20080)
  • Miscalculation of environment variables caused some binaries (such as ssh) to not be found. (issue 19926)
  • Extension point for secure users of REST APIs (permitting JSONP and primitive XPath). (issue 16936)
  • “Run a build” link in page shown when no workspace existed for a job was not functional; unlinking.
  • Integer overflow could cause JavaScript functions to break in long-running Jenkins processes. (issue 20085)
  • Reverted the JENKINS-18629 fix in 1.536 as it causes various regressions in plugins. (issue 20262)

What's new in 1.536 (2013/10/20)

  • Fixed two file descriptor leaks. (issue 14336)
  • RuntimeException if you try to save a config with a choice parameter that has no choices. (issue 18434)
  • 1.534 made ZIP downloads of artifacts work again, but missing a base directory inside the ZIP. (issue 19947)
  • Stapler error saving certain kinds of configuration. (issue 18629)
  • Upgrade Trilead SSH client library to version that does not cause connection loss when there is a lot of logging on the build slave and the performance improvements in ssh-slaves 0.27+ are enabled ( issue 18836, issue 18879, issue 19619)
  • Upgrade bundled iplugin versions: ssh-slaves to 1.4, ssh-credentials to 1.5.3 and credentials to 1.8.3 (issue 19945)
  • Executor threads are now created only on demand.

What's new in 1.535 (2013/10/14)

  • Windows JDK installer failed in a path with spaces. (issue 19447)
  • Windows JDK installer should not install a public JRE. (issue 8957)
  • After deleting last build, next build of last build is zombie. (issue 19920)
  • Split matrix authorization strategies into an independent plugin.
  • UI Samples plugin fully separated from core. To view samples during plugin development or at any other time, just install from the update center.
  • View description should be clearly separated from the Jenkins system message. (issue 18633)
  • SCM polling sometimes broken since 1.527 due to a change in how environment variables are calculated. (issue 19307)
  • Breadcrumb bar moves away from header when scrolling past end of page on OS X. (issue 19803)
  • "java -jar jenkins.war" now runs on Jetty8. Command line options are still compatible. (issue 18366)
  • "java -jar jenkins.war" gets the "--spdy" option to enable SPDY.
  • Expand all/Collapse all functionality for artifact tree view. (pull request 616)
  • Visualize queued jobs in view. (pull request 531)

What's new in 1.534 (2013/10/07)

  • Default crumb issuer configurations saved in older releases did not load as of Jenkins 1.531. (issue 19613)
  • As of 1.532 download of artifact ZIPs was broken. (issue 19752)
  • Old copies of maven3-agent.jar on slaves were not being reliably updated, leading to errors. (issue 19251)
  • Add option to disable "Remember me on this computer" checkbox in login screen. (issue 15757)
  • Added postCheckout method for SCMs (issue 19740)

What's new in 1.533 (2013/09/29)

  • Offer alternate error message for pattern-based project naming strategy. (pull request 914)

What's new in 1.532 (2013/09/23)

  • Working around a GZip compression bug in jzlib affecting transfer of certain large, repetitive artifacts. (issue 19473)
  • Lazy-loading bug: builds go missing. (issue 19418)
  • (re)create build number->id symlink if missing when updating permalink. (issue 19034)
  • Display the full display name in title for jobs and views. (pull request 884)
  • Added a new extension point to control where archived artifacts get stored. (issue 17236)
  • Use fine-grained permissions for node manipulation via REST API & CLI (issue 18485)
  • Make the link to the aggregated test result from the project page work. (issue 9637)

What's new in 1.531 (2013/09/16)

  • Deleting an external run did not immediately remove it from build list, leading to errors from log rotation. (issue 19377)
  • When copying a directory from master to slave fails due to an error on the slave, properly report it. (issue 9540)
  • Identify user agent for Internet Explorer 11. (issue 19171)
  • Since 1.518, fingerprint serialization broke when job or file names contained XML special characters like ampersands. (issue 18337)
  • Robustness against truncated fingerprint files. (issue 19515)
  • JavaScript error in the checkUrl computation shouldn't break the job configuration page. (issue 19457)
  • Annotate the Advanced section if some fields are already customized. (issue 3107)
  • No events fired when project is enable/disable or the description is changed (issue 17108)

What's new in 1.530 (2013/09/09)

  • Send Maven agent JARs to slaves on demand, not unconditionally upon connection. (issue 16261)
  • Occasional race condition during startup. (issue 18775)
  • Robustness against startup error for users of Global Build Stats plugin. (issue 17248)
  • 404s from Javadoc and HTML Publisher plugins. (issue 19168)
  • Build number symlinks and permalinks not updated for Maven module builds. (issue 18846)

What's new in 1.529 (2013/08/26)

  • With Apache Maven 3.1 build, logging configuration from the Apache Maven distribution is not used.
  • Avoid log duplication with Apache Maven 3.1 builds
  • Ungraceful handling of empty matrix project axes. (issue 19135)
  • Updated Groovy to 1.8.9 to avoid GROOVY-4292.
  • CLI login command broken on Windows since 1.518. (issue 19192)
  • A malformed JUnit result file should mark that test suite as a failure, but not interrupt archiving of other tests. (issue 19186)
  • Build for $username now shows also build scheduled by user (issue 16178)

What's new in 1.528 (2013/08/18)

  • Command line now supports "--sessionTimeout" option for controlling session timeout
  • Form validation methods weren't getting triggered when one of its dependency controls change. (issue 19124)
  • When POST is required for some HTTP operation but GET was used, the response should have status code 405. (issue 16918)
  • Correct help text of Label field in automatic installation of tools in global configuration. (issue 19091)
  • Use Guice from Google rather than a fork
  • Jenkins does not invoke ProcessKillers for Windows (issue 19156)

What's new in 1.527 (2013/08/12)

  • Fixed NoSuchFieldError: triggers with older Maven plugin (issue 18677)
  • Added bytecode transformation driven compatibility ensurance mechanism (discussion)
  • Improve search to locate items inside folders. (pull request 848) (pull request 893)
  • Windows path separators not correctly escaped in Maven properties configuration. (issue 10539)
  • Improved EnvironmentContributor to support project-level insertion. (issue 19042)

What's new in 1.526 (2013/08/05)

  • HudsonAuthenticationEntryPoint can break CLI support, because the port isn't exposed properly. (issue 18634)
  • Report an user friendly error page if a deletion of a build fails. (pull request 827)
  • Maven build failure wasn't describing errors like Maven CLI does. (issue 15025)
  • MavenModuleSetBuild.getResult is expensive. (issue 18895)
  • Revisited fix to be compatible for plugins. (issue 18119)
  • Ensuring /log/all shows only INFO and above messages, even if custom loggers display FINE or below. (issue 18959)
  • Added a new monitor that detects and fixes out-of-order builds records. (issue 18289)
  • Added CLI command create-node. (issue 18282)
  • Can't build using maven 3.1.0 (issue 15935)
  • Fixed Winstone+mod_proxy_ajp+SSL combo issue. (issue 5753)
  • JENKINS_DEBUG_LEVEL misinterpreted by Winstone, causing excessive logging. (issue 18701)
  • Since 1.520, Jenkins requires Java 6 or later, breaking Maven builds set to use JDK 5. Now falls back to JVM of slave agent but sets compile/test flags to use defined JDK. (issue 18403)
  • Since 1.517, Maven projects using Maven 2 could not build projects using extensions depending on Apache Commons Codec. (issue 18178)
  • Test harness was packing copies of Maven into plugin archives under some conditions. (issue 18918)
  • Provided maven settings.xml in maven builder is lost. (issue 15976)
  • Exception when running polling with a Maven installation not defined on master. (issue 18898)
  • Since 1.477 GET on /view/…/config.xml included a spurious wrapper element. (issue 17302)
  • Clearer display of log messages: chronological order, and coloration of repeated vs. fresh metadata (date, log level, log source).
  • Fixed a regression that broke some plugins' form validation (issue 18776)
  • People View does Not Populate if JQuery plugin enabled. (issue 18641)

What's new in 1.525 (2013/07/29)

Same as 1.524; botched release.

What's new in 1.524 (2013/07/23)

  • Clock Difference broken on Manage Nodes page (issue 18671)
  • Fixed another possible cause of an NPE from MatrixConfiguration.newBuild. (issue 17728)
  • NPE in MavenFingerprinter.getArtifactRepositoryMaven21. (issue 18441)
  • More reliability improvement in remote slave reconnection.
  • Do not load disabled plugins as dependencies for other plugins. (issue 18654)

What's new in 1.523 (2013/07/14)

  • Fixed: claiming of tests doesn't work in Maven jobs (claim-plugin) (issue 14585)

What's new in 1.522 (2013/07/06)

  • Fixed a regression in the config form with some plugins (issue 18585)
  • Fixed a dead lock in the Project class and improved the signature of the persisted XML form a bit. (issue 18589)
  • Improved memory efficiency in parsing test reports with large stdio output files. (issue 15382)
  • Node monitoring now happens concurrently across all the slaves, so it'll be affected less by problematic slaves. (issue 18438)
  • Deadlock during Maven builds Parsing POM step (issue 15846)
  • If every node is restricted to tied jobs only, Matrix build jobs can never start.

What's new in 1.521 (2013/07/02)

  • Build with parameters returns empty web page (issue 18425)
  • Access denied error results in ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED on most browsers, masking the root cause. (issue 15437)
  • Fixed the master/slave handshake problem when a slave runs on non-ASCII compatible encoding (such as EBCDIC.)
  • Added a diagnosis for StreamCorruptedException problem (issue 8856)
  • Matrix project's parent can be now tied to labels/slaves. (issue 7825)
  • Clean up fingerprint records that correspond to the deleted build recods (issue 18417)
  • Fixed "Comparison method violates its general contract" error in BuildTrigger.execute (issue 17247)
  • Edited description wasn't reflected when pressing the "Apply" button. (issue 18436)
  • Fixed a regression in remoting since 1.519 that caused FindBugs plugins to break. (issue 18349, issue 18405)
  • Revisited the extension point added in 1.519 that adds custom plexus components.

What's new in 1.520 (2013/06/25)

  • Slave launch thread should have the background activity credential. (issue 15578)
  • “Build Now” link did not work for multijobs. (issue 16974)
  • Unix vs. Windows mode not correctly retained for command launchers under some conditions. (issue 18368)
  • Edit views with non-ASCII names did not work since 1.500. (issue 18373)
  • Fixed API incompatibility since 1.489. (issue 18356)
  • “Projects tied to slave” shows unrelated Maven module jobs. (issue 17451)
  • Fixed file descriptor leak in fingerprint computation. (issue 18351)
  • Test history was not shown if suite name was part of the test name. (issue 15380)
  • Added a new extension point to monitor the flow of stuff in the queue.
  • Added a new extension point to monitor the provisioning of nodes from clouds. (pull request 819)
  • Possible to create a custom AbstractDiskSpaceMonitor.
  • Executors running the builds can be now a subject of access control. (issue 18285)
  • Core started relying on Java 1.6 as per the agreement in the dev list. If you have a serious objection against it, please let us know before we really start relying on 1.6 features.
  • Some actions confirmed by dialog were not working when CSRF crumbs were enabled. (issue 17977) (issue 18032)
  • CLI list-jobs command should list all nested jobs. (pull request 793)
  • Provide a mechanism to differentiate between node properties that are applicable to the master node only and node properties that can be applied to all nodes (issue 18381)
  • Maven module links in the module list page are broken. (issue 17713)
  • 100% CPU pegging in Deflator.deflateBytes (issue 14362)

What's new in 1.519 (2013/06/17)

  • Log cluttered with irrelevant warnings about build timestamps when running on Windows on Java 6. (issue 15587)
  • Fingerprint action deserialization problem fixed. (issue 17125)
  • Updating the master computer's configuration from the slave list UI had no immediate effect. (issue 17276)
  • Improved the tracking of queued jobs and their eventual builds in the REST API.
  • Configured log recorders can now pick up messages logged from slaves. (issue 18274)
  • Added a new extension point to contribute custom plexus components into Maven for the maven project type.
  • Remoting classloader performance improvement upon reconnection to the same slave. (issue 15120)

What's new in 1.518 (2013/06/11)

  • NPE in DefaultMatrixExecutionStrategyImpl.waitForCompletion. (issue 18024)
  • Optimizations in fingerprint recording. (issue 16301)
  • Using JNR-POSIX rather than JNA-POSIX for better platform support. (issue 14351)
  • Errors searching build records when builds were misordered. (issue 15652)
  • Finding the last failed build for a job (e.g. from a view column) broke lazy loading. (issue 16023)
  • Do not fail startup in case ListView.includeRegex was syntactically malformed.
  • CSS stylesheets misrendered in Chrome due to caching. (issue 17684)
  • User icon in People broken if Jenkins root URL unconfigured. (issue 18118)
  • Progress bar sometimes broken in People. (issue 18119)

What's new in 1.517 (2013/06/02)

  • Enable word breaking in potentially long strings like job names. (issue 17030)
  • Allow filtering of the Run parameter build list by result. (issue 7280)
  • Add support for scalatest-maven-plugin. (issue 18086)
  • When copying a folder, the display names of contained jobs were gratuitously cleared. (issue 18074)
  • “Recurse in subfolders” option for list views produced exceptions when used with native Maven projects. (issue 18025)
  • Using proper directory separator character for permalinks on Windows. (issue 17681)
  • Use markup formater to display parameter description. (issue 18427)

What's new in 1.516 (2013/05/27)

  • NPE from Run.getDynamic. (issue 17935)
  • Should be able to collect all log records at a given level using a blank logger name. (issue 17983)
  • Reworked Upload Plugin gesture to work more like installation from an update center, and in particular to support dynamic load. (issue 16652)
  • Errors in init.groovy halted startup; changed to just log a warning. (issue 17933)

What's new in 1.515 (2013/05/18)

  • Windows services now auto-restart in case of abnormal process termination.
  • <f:dropdownDescriptorSelector> does not allow defaulting to specifig instance (issue 17858)
  • mark maven settings / global settings as default for new jobs (issue 17723)
  • Display Name is not shown. (issue 17715)
  • Symlink handling problem with build permalinks on Windows. (issue 17681)
  • List views missing a required field were unloadable. (issue 15309)
  • Maven module artifacts were not being deleted by the log rotator. (issue 17508)
  • Properly find parent POMs when fingerprinting a Maven project. (issue 17775)
  • Allow the combination filter to accept parameter values. (issue 7285)
  • Extension point to transform test names (for use with alternative JVM languages). (issue 17478)

What's new in 1.514 (2013/05/01)

  • Added a new set-build-parameter command that can update a build variable from within a build.
  • Can use -Dhudson.udp=-1 to disable UDP broadcast without showing an ugly exception.
  • Third-party license display for core was broken since 1.506. (issue 17724)
  • Mitigation of exception from fingerprinting in a Maven project when a parent POM could not be located. (issue 17775)
  • NPE from MatrixConfiguration.newBuild. (issue 17728)
  • Identify the short name of an uploaded plugin from the manifest, so it does not matter what the filename was. (issue 4543)
  • NPE configuring Copy Artifact with Maven jobs. (issue 17402)
  • /about now links to license information for plugins as well.
  • Updated bundled plugins.

What's new in 1.513 (2013/04/28)

  • Slave status monitor page shows when the data is last obtained
  • Delete button to highlight what it is going to delete.
  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in PackageResult.findCorrespondingResult. (issue 17721)
  • Breadcrumb is reworked to show descendants to provide additional navigational shortcuts. (discussion)
  • hpi:run did not work for bundled plugins. (issue 18352)
  • Fixed CSRF vulnerabilities (SECURITY-63,SECURITY-69)
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability via stylesheet (SECURITY-67)
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability to copy arbitrary text into clipboard (SECURITY-71/CVE-2013-1808)

What's new in 1.512 (2013/04/21)

  • Views can now include jobs located within folders. (pull 757)
  • Added confirmation dialog before reloading configuration from disk. (issue 15340)
  • Switched confirmation before deleting jobs or wiping out workspace to a dialog.
  • Different text than “Build Now” for parameterized jobs. (issue 10738)
  • Check the view name with ajax.
  • “Build Now” context menu item broken for parameterized jobs. (issue 17110)
  • Incorrect redirection after delete of job in folder in view. (issue 17575)
  • ”My Views" links leads to 404 Not Found. (issue 17317)
  • Quoting Issue with JDK Installer with Windows Installer. (issue 5408)
  • Restored compatibility in ArtifactArchiver signature; broken in 1.509 and could affect plugins. (issue 17637)
  • Fixed a bug in the logic that hides context menu anchor 'v' (issue 13995)

What's new in 1.511 (2013/04/14)

  • JUnit result archiver should only fail builds if there are really no results - i.e. also no skipped tests. (issue 7970)
  • NullPointerException related to lazy loading when loading some builds using fingerprinting. (issue 16845)
  • Better display of parameters in queue items. (issue 17454)
  • sort order of plugin list is not working by default. (issue 17039)

What's new in 1.510 (2013/04/06)

  • UnsatisfiedLinkError on CreateSymbolicLinkw on Windows XP. (issue 17343)
  • Flyweight tasks should execute on the master if there's no static executors available. (issue 7291)
  • Download tool installations directly from the slave when possible, since this is much faster than going through the master. (issue 17330)
  • Improved UI for implicitly locked builds. (issue 10197)
  • Incorrect URL computation broke context menu for computers with spaces in their names. (issue 18236)
  • Promote the use of 'H' in cron. (issue 17311)
  • Context menu no longer automatically pops up (issue 13995)

What's new in 1.509 (2013/04/02)

  • Heavy thread congestion saving fingerprints. (issue 13154)
  • Option to make the build not fail if there is nothing to archive. (issue 10502)
  • Better report file deletion failures. (issue 17271)
  • "Local to the workspace" repository locator does not work when building one module in isolation. (issue 17331)
  • Master node mode not correctly displayed in /computer/(master)/configure. (issue 17263)
  • Performance improvement in master/slave communication throughput (issue 7813)
  • Quoted label expression can result into dead executors (throwing exception) (issue 17128)
  • ChangeLog should produce some output even if some (plugin) annotator fails (issue 17084)
  • View name should not allow "..". (issue 16608)

What's new in 1.508 (2013/03/25)

  • Fixing a regression in 1.507 that causes a failure to load matrix jobs. (issue 17337)

What's new in 1.507 (2013/03/24)

  • Show the reason for a skipped test if the test result contains one (issue 8713)
  • an in-progress build was dropped from JSON API when lazy-loading was introduced. (issue 15583)
  • In-progress builds now survive the "reload from disk" administrator action. (issue 3265)
  • If artifact archiving failed with an I/O error, the build nonetheless was considered to be a success. (issue 2058)
  • Fixed a bad interaction between Windows symlinks and build record lazy loading. (issue 15587)
  • Remember the lastStable/Failed/Successful/etc builds to avoid eager loading builds. (issue 16089)
  • Wrong build result in post build steps after failed pre build step in maven projects. (issue 17177)

What's new in 1.506 (2013/03/17)

  • Saving Global Jenkins Global Config wipes out the crumb issuer settings in the Global Security Config. (issue 17087)
  • Made --httpKeepAliveTimeout option work (that was supposed to have been introduced in 1.503). (issue 16474)
  • Preview function for textareas using Jenkins markup did not work when CSRF protection was enabled. (issue 17085)
  • Permalinks created in the wrong place when using external build directories. (issue 17137)
  • External build directories not updated by job rename/delete. (issue 17138)
  • JNA-related error from Windows slave monitoring thrown repeatedly. (issue 15796)
  • New JSON library corrects problems such as form values starting with [. (issue 14827)
  • Improved the request handling performance (where the file lookup is expensive, such as on NFS). (issue 16606)
  • Windows symbolic support on Java5/6.
  • Improved the duration browsers cache static resources.

What's new in 1.505 (2013/03/10)

  • Exception in flyweight tasks when checking if an executor is interrupted. (issue 17025)
  • JNA-related linkage errors on Windows not handled gracefully. (issue 15466)
  • Builds disappear from build history after completion (revisited). (issue 15156)
  • Added run display name as an environment variable when RunParameter is used (pull 720)
  • Fixed "Manage" sub-contextmenu for non-standalone deployments (pull 721)
  • Absolute URLs in console output (issue 16368)
  • Revert ampersand encoding which can cause backward incompatibility issue (pull 683)
  • Fix dependency graph computation when upstream build trigger is involved (issue 13502)
  • Disabled Authenticode verification for Windows services. (issue 15596)

What's new in 1.504 (2013/03/03)

  • Fixed a regression in the "discard old builds" in 1.503. (issue 16979)
  • Maven 3.0.5 upgrade. (issue 16965)
  • Not all log messages were being captured at /log/all. (issue 16952)
  • Incorrect or missing XML encoding declaration on some REST API pages. (issue 16881)
  • Fixed: Human readable file size method returns ",00" for files with byte length 0 (issue 16630)
  • “Build” from job context menu produced a confusing warning page. (issue 16844)
  • Maven2 builds with non-standard test plugins failed. (issue 16928)
  • Started bundling XStream 1.4.4 (issue 12542)
  • Significant improvement in Traditional Chinese localizations. (pull 716)

What's new in 1.503 (2013/02/26)

  • ${ITEM_FULLNAME} variable was not working for Maven projects on Windows, so introduced ${ITEM_FULL_NAME} instead. (issue 12251)
  • Lock contention issue in build history view. (issue 16831)
  • Fixed the HTTP request thread saturation problem with Winstone. (issue 16474)
  • Script evaluation script error on IE. (issue 16561)
  • surefire-reports not detected for android-maven-plugin (issue 16776)
  • maven-failsafe-plugin tests not recognized anymore (issue 16696)
  • UI waiting on a queue lock to display cause of queue blockage. (issue 16833)
  • UpdateCenter REST API chokes if there was a plugin installation failure. (issue 16836)
  • Missing build title in /rssAll when build has no test result. (issue 16770)
  • Changed the way matrix axis values are exposed as env variables (issue 11577)
  • Maven 3 builds ignored quiet (-q) and debug (-X) options (issue 16843)
  • JNLP slave installers can now work transparently with secured Jenkins. (SECURITY-54 / despite the ticket marker, this is not a security vulnerability)
  • "Discard old build records" behavior is now pluggable, allowing plugins to define custom logic.

What's new in 1.502 (2013/02/16)

  • Miscellaneous security vulnerability fixes. See the advisory for more details. (SECURITY-13,16,46,47,54,55,59,60,61)
  • Builds disappear from build history after completion. (issue 15156)
  • Plugin Manager’s Filter field did not work. Regression in 1.500. (issue 16651)
  • DISCOVER-able jobs break the build queue widget (issue 16682)
  • Extension point to provide access to workspace even when node is offline (issue 16454)
  • Extension point to listen BuildStep execution

What's new in 1.501 (2013/02/10)

  • Reverted change in 1.500 causing serious regression in HTTPS reverse proxy setups. (issue 16368)
  • Getting test results from custom test mojos failed build. (issue 16573)
  • Restored Java 5 compatibility. (issue 16554)
  • Bogus “Build Record Root Directory” inadequately diagnosed. (issue 16457)
  • Plugin icons in the sidebar were not being properly cached. (issue 16530)
  • Broadly as well as deeply nested build causes overwhelmed the UI after 1.482. (issue 15747)
  • API typo DependecyDeclarer corrected.
  • Avoid eagerly loading builds in Changes in dependency or culprit list. (pull 689)
  • Run parameters do not support folders. (issue 16462)
  • Fixed RememberMe cookie signature generation. (issue 16278)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when copying from existing Maven job (issue 16499)

What's new in 1.500 (2013/01/26)

  • Since 1.494, when signing up as a new user in the private security realm the email address was left unconfigured and a stack trace printed.
  • Enable transparent log decompression support. (issue 13655)
  • Display authorities at /user/* for convenience. (pull 577)
  • Slow rendering of view pages in large installations due to eager check whether the “People” link would show anything. (issue 16244)
  • Reduced size of memory leak in render-on-demand functionality used e.g. in configuration pages. (issue 16341)
  • Improving responsiveness of People page. (issue 16342) (issue 16397)
  • Exception printed to log while adding Build other projects post-build step. (issue 16444)
  • BindException when using --daemon with JMX. (issue 14529)
  • Improved logging and error output from SSHD in Jenkins.
  • Linking to the /threadDump page from /systemInfo so it is discoverable.
  • Rekeying operation (from SECURITY-49 fix in 1.498) failed on Windows. (issue 16319)
  • JNLP slave index page failed to explain how to pass -jnlpCredentials. (issue 16273)
  • Links should preserve used protocol (issue 16368)
  • Don't report the same plugin twice in the update center if the filtering is in effect.
  • Accept any plugin with a 'test' goal as a test plugin in Maven jobs (issue 8334)
  • Avoid unnecessary downloads if automatically installed tools are up-to-date (issue 16215)

What's new in 1.499 (2013/01/13)

  • Fixed NoClassDefFoundError: Base64 with the -jnlpCredentials option. (issue 9679)

What's new in 1.498 (2013/01/07)

  • The master key that was protecting all the sensitive data in $JENKINS_HOME was vulnerable. (SECURITY-49)

What's new in 1.497 (2013/01/06)

  • Delete the oldest build but it still come up on HistoryWidget (issue 16194)

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