Just For Fun

Monitor Hudson from your Android

So you've got your fancy Android cell phone and you're thinking to yourself "besides feeling smugly superior to iPhone users, what can I do with this thing?" Perhaps you should be considering using it as a phone but if that's too boring, check out the new and improved Hudson Mood widget for Android! The latest release brings support for multiple servers and fancier graphics.

If you're interested in installing the widget, search for "Hudson Mood" in the Android Market, and be sure to thank Siarhei Dudzin for creating the widget!

Updated Chrome Extension

The developer for the Hudson extension for Google Chrome, Sebastian Sanitz, emailed the users@ list today to inform the community of an update to his fantastic extension.

Sebastian's extension monitors ci.hudson-labs.org by default, but the URL and polling interval are both trivial to change. When any of the builds in the configured URL fail, you'll see a red "Fail" indicator, otherwise green "Ok".

If you're interested in contributing to the plugin, good news! It's open source! You can find it on GitHub.

Gee Thanks

Squee-D had some nice things to say in the #hudson IRC channel yesterday that I thought I would share:

Just to sing some praise again, make sure you all know how appreciated it is, we absolutely love hudson, and appreciate everyone who develops and maintains it.

Positive feedback (and negative really) is always appreciated; have you thanked your plugin maintainer today?

Stickers starting to arrive

Way back in March, I asked you all: Want some Hudson stickers?

Turns out, a lot of you do! Thanks to a huge amuont of help by my future wife , the first shipment of Hudson stickers went into the mail last week. This first shipment was only to United States addresses! If you live outside of the U.S., or if you requested more than 50-ish stickers, I've not yet been able to send you stickers. I expect to start sending out international shipments later this week and early next week.

Casual Fridays: Directing traffic with Hudson

Intrepid Hudson user Christian Pelster posted a little project of his this week to the "users" mailing list called: hudsontrafficlights.

Christian describes the project as:

This Java based daemon aggregates the status of one or more jobs from a Hudson continous integration server into a single status (red, yellow, green) and invokes a shell script on status change.

You can use hudsontrafficlights to control a USB traffic light (such as this USB Traffic Light from Cleware, GmbH) to give you and your colleagues nearly instant feedback on jobs in Hudson, without ever needing to leave your text editor!

hudsontrafficlights in action with a Cleware Traffic Light