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Advancing the Jenkins GUI: Configuring Items in Jenkins

Above is the screencast associated with this blog post

If you have ever used Jenkins you are familiar with what I am about to described, wading your way through job configuration page, looking for the settings that are important, and, depending on your plugin use, wondering where all these other setting came from and what they do.

Depending on how long you have used Jenkins, your negative opinion of this experience may vary. If you are a long-time user, you might even view the configuration page with that same reassuring nostalgia seeing a Facebook post from your ugly room mate induces. ‘Yup,he is still ugly and backwards, but we had some good times, back then.’ If you are a newer Jenkins user, it may well send you off to search the web for a viable alternative tool.

The good news is that CloudBees, in cooperation with the greater Jenkins community, is looking to make some long overdue progress sorting through this user interaction in a way that is both approachable to new users and amenable to existing users who have grown comfortable with a great tool and a ‘stalwart friend’ in a world of otherwise clunky world of IT tools. ( that really is the swiss army knife of build automation.)

100K Celebration Podcast

As a part of the Jenkins 100K celebration, Dean Yu, Andrew Bayer, R. Tyler Croy, Chris Orr, and myself got together late Tuesday evening to go over the history of the project, how big the community was back then, how we grow, where we are now, and maybe a bit about future.

We got carried away and the recording became longer than we all planned. But it has some nice sound bites, back stage stories, and stuff even some of us didn't know about! I hope you'll enjoy it. The MP3 file is here, or you can use your favorite podcast app and subscribe to http://jenkins-ci.org/podcast.

100K Celebration Podcast Recording

In preparation for Jenkins 100K celebration, I'm going to record a one-time podcast with Dean Yu, Andrew Bayer, and R. Tyler Croy.

My current plan is to go over the history of the project, how big the community was back then, how we grow, where we are now, and maybe a bit about future.

But if you have any other suggestions/questions that you'd like us to discuss, you have 3 or 4 more hours to send in that suggestion! Your feedback would help us make a better recording, so please don't hesitate to tell us.

Jenkins 100K celebration pictures

In preparation of the celebration of 100K installations, 1000 plugins, and 10 years of Jenkins, we've got these images created.

I hope folks can use these images to mark the occasion! The full size pictures are here.

Jenkins Celebration Day is February 26

Congratulations! The Jenkins project officially went over the 100K active users mark sometime in January. As of January 31, we were at 102,992. YOU are one of the 100K active users!

As discussed on a couple recent project meetings, we have designated February 26 as Jenkins Celebration Day.

To make some noise, here is what we are doing starting NOW:

  • Write a blog about anything related to Jenkins. Post your blog and Tweet out a link to it. Include the hashtag #Jenkins100K in your post.
  • On February 26, we will hold a raffle and pick four names at random. The grand prize winner will get a 3D Jenkins Butler model. Five others will get their pick of Jenkins swag (up to $20) from the Jenkins online store.


There are a number of other things planned and we want YOU to be involved. This blog post is the central place to come for all things related to the celebration.