Jenkins User Conference

Call for Sponsors: 2014 Jenkins User Conferences

Jenkins User Conference (JUC) season is upon us! It’s a busy year for the Butler – he’s hosting conferences all over and looking for sponsors to help:

  • Boston – June 18
  • Berlin – June 25
  • Herzelia, Israel – July 16
  • Bay Area (California) – October (date TBD)

Mr. Jenkins and the JUC Organizing Committee want to invite you and your company to sponsor a JUC this year. Show your support for the Jenkins community and help keep costs low for attendees*. The funds go to are put to good use: conferences are two full tracks. Lunch, light breakfast, coffee and a coveted Jenkins t-shirt are also included.

Jenkins User Conferences This Year

Over the past three years, the Jenkins User Conference is held annually in the Bay Area with a few events in different locations around the world. The Jenkins User Conference has established a reputation as a focal point for the Jenkins community to come together to share new ideas and best practices. Each year we have experienced the growth and expansion within the Jenkins community. This year we are taking this platform to other regions of the world, offering regional gatherings of Jenkins users and developers.

At the moment, we are working on the following JUCs and events for 2014:

  • JUC Boston - June 18
  • JUC Berlin - June 25
  • JUC Israel - July 16
  • JUC San Francisco Bay Area - October (TBD)
  • JUC Australia/New Zealand - November/Dec (TBD)

Jenkins Events

  • Copenhagen - September
  • Brazil - November/December (TBD)

There are a few different ways to get involved:

Jenkins User Conference 2013 Palo Alto Wrap-up

It's been a month now, but I realized that I've never posted a wrap-up post of JUC 2013. So in the spirit of "better later than, never", here it goes.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who came. More than 400 of you came, and another 600 signed up for live streaming of events (and I know some people watched those live streams past midnight in their local time zone!). I did my part in signing bobble heads and answering questions, and I was able to finally put faces to some of the people who I actively interact in the community but never met before.

I tried to take as many pictures as I can, and Lisa and Alyssa had posted their pictures as well. If you have your pictures, please share it with us! My favorite is Jenkins cupcake:

JUC: Call for Volunteers to Join the Organizing Committee (and Venues!)

This is a guest post from Alyssa Tong, who drives JUC organizations around the world.

If you missed JUC Palo Alto on Oct 23, 2013 the videos are now available.

We are off to planning JUC 2014. It is hard to believe this will be the 4th annual JUC in the Bay Area. The growth in the Jenkins community since the first JUC is astounding.

Every year we are in search of a larger venue to accommodate the larger crowd. For 2014, the challenge of finding a venue for a capacity of 500+ attendees at a low cost will prove even more daunting. We would love to hear your suggestions for low cost venues (in the Bay Area) so that we may continue to keep entry cost low while providing convenience and the highest level of Jenkins education to attendees. Please send suggestion(s) to events@lists.jenkins-ci.org

We are proud to launch the call for volunteers to join the JUC organizing committee (OC). If you are interested in shaping the 4th edition of this great event, please send email to events@lists.jenkins-ci.org

We encourage you to share this blog within your network in case other people would be interested in joining the JUC OC or have ideas for a great JUC 2014 location.

Jenkins Scalability Summit Recap

The day after Jenkins User Conference, we held a smaller meet-up of serious large-scale Jenkins users dubbed as "Jenkins Scalability Summit".

In this Open Space Technology style event, we went over war stories from users. Just to show the degree of seriousness, some of those people run 1500+ slaves, and others run Jenkins in HA configuration with a data center fail over! We then picked various topics in the afternoon and discussed what people would like to see to make Jenkins scale further. Slides and raw notes from this meeting is available here.

The event allowed me to rethink and revisit what I thought we should do in coming days in the area of scalability.