Jenkins User Conference

Jenkins User Conference West Day 1

Boy, what a day! This is the 5th annual JUC in San Francisco bay area, and the crowd is getting bigger.

I brought the LEGO Jenkins + CloudBees logo mosaic that we built at the CloudBees San Jose office:

The community booth was very busy. We have people like Dean Yu (board), Andrew Bayer (board), Mark Waite (git), Jesse Glick (workflow and core), Daniel Beck (core), Vincent Latombe (literate), Steven Christou (subversion) and Owen Mehegan (community outreach) talking to people all day long.

If you are here, make sure to stop by, and if you are not, follow news with #jenkinsconf.

JUC Speaker Blog Series: Andrew Phillips, JUC U.S. West

Join Me at JUC West to Discuss Building an Enterprise Continuous Delivery Machine with Jenkins

After a great event on the East Coast in June, now over to the West Coast for another exciting Jenkins User Conference! I'll be there for JUC West on September 2-3 with the XebiaLabs team, and am looking forward to talking to the Jenkins users, partners, developers and community members that will be coming together.

At JUC East, I talked about the importance of Automated Testing in your Continuous Delivery pipeline, and I was really pleased by the number of interesting discussions and comments that came about as a result.

Just a month left until JUC U.S. West

There's only a month left until JUC U.S. West on September 2-3! If you're still on the fence, check out the recaps of JUC Europe talks recently posted to the CloudBees blog. These should give you an idea about the kinds of talks you can expect at a Jenkins User Conference:

If you're interested in the upcoming Jenkins UI overhaul, make sure to attend Gus and Tom's talk about it. Don't want to wait until JUC to learn more about this? Follow the discussion on the developers mailing list and contribute through early testing.

This JUC will again have an Ask The Experts booth with several Jenkins experts and developers available there throughout the event.

Advancing the Jenkins GUI: Configuring Items in Jenkins

Above is the screencast associated with this blog post

If you have ever used Jenkins you are familiar with what I am about to described, wading your way through job configuration page, looking for the settings that are important, and, depending on your plugin use, wondering where all these other setting came from and what they do.

Depending on how long you have used Jenkins, your negative opinion of this experience may vary. If you are a long-time user, you might even view the configuration page with that same reassuring nostalgia seeing a Facebook post from your ugly room mate induces. ‘Yup,he is still ugly and backwards, but we had some good times, back then.’ If you are a newer Jenkins user, it may well send you off to search the web for a viable alternative tool.

The good news is that CloudBees, in cooperation with the greater Jenkins community, is looking to make some long overdue progress sorting through this user interaction in a way that is both approachable to new users and amenable to existing users who have grown comfortable with a great tool and a ‘stalwart friend’ in a world of otherwise clunky world of IT tools. ( that really is the swiss army knife of build automation.)

JUC World Tour 2015 - Keynote Speaker News and Early Bird Tickets

The 2015 JUC World Tour dates are rapidly approaching. Since the community has grown so tremendously since last year, the JUC in each city will be the largest gathering of Jenkins users in that region.

Kohsuke will, as always, be the opening keynote speaker at each JUC. But, with the conference going from one to two days, I am happy to announce that Gene Kim will be another keynote on the second day! He is the author of The Phoenix Project and a thought leader in DevOps.

To have these two experts in one place will provide a great opportunity to talk about Jenkins as the foundation of continuous delivery and DevOps practices.