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Coming to GDC? Join us for a Jenkins Drink-Up at 21st Amendment

If you are coming to Game Developers Conference in the week of 25th, or if you are local to San Francisco bay area, come join us to the small drink up in the evening of 26th at 21st amendment.

If you are coming, please RSVP so that we know how many to expect, and we can stay connected.

Jenkins CI: The Origins of Butlers, Build Masters and Bowties

The folks at Rebel Labs picked Jenkins as the last installation of their technical report series. It is a beautifully crafted 50 page PDF that covers the overview of the technology. You get to see a bit of details about how ZeroTurnaround uses Jenkins, and it contains a section where I get interviewed by them.

Also, while they failed to mention this in the document, you can use JRebel when developing Jenkins plugins and it'll reduce the # of times you need to restart the VM. To the extent that you use it to develop open-source Jenkins plugins, you can apply for a free OSS license, too.

If that sounds interesting enough, you can get your copy now. Be forewarned that a registration is required.

Jenkins hits 1.500

The last week the Jenkins project has reached a miletone release — Version 1.500. That's no 1.5 nor 1.5.0. That's the 501st release since its inception, counting all the way up from 1.0, 1.1 to 1.500.

We'll be celebrating this release in the upcoming FOSDEM conference in Brussels, but I wanted to thank everyone for making this great community possible by participating and using it.

Despite all the distances we've thus far come, there are still a lot of work to be done, both in the core and plugins, so we look forward to keep on keeping on in the coming years.

So here is to the next 500 release!

Report: Jenkins meet-up Seoul

People in far eastern countries use languages that are quite different from English, and live in a time zone that's largely incompatible from the U.S./Europe time. So naturally these folks tend to keep things to themselves.

That's why I've been wanting to do a meet-up in Seoul for some time, yet I didn't know anyone there to get one going. That changed in Jenkins User Conferene in San Francisco last year. I pitched this to someone who worked for Samsung, and he introduced me to folks in Seoul, and the ball started rolling from there.

The meet-up was held Friday, at Samsung headquarter in Gangnam, Seoul.

2012 Jenkins Survey results are in

The Jenkins survey we’ve been running since the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco has concluded. All in all we counted 721 responses --- thanks everyone for voicing their thoughts!

Naturally, it took a while to tally that many responses, but thanks to Lisa, we now have the result in time for the holiday.

As you can see in our installation tracking, Jenkins installation base has grown 66% since the last year, so I was naturally very curious if this has affected the area of focus for us the developers.