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Jenkins User Conference Israel Summary

Jenkins User Conference in Israel was held this year on a different venue than the last year, because we have grown! I believe Shlomi Ben-Haim of JFrog said in his opening speech that the attendance has grown more than 50%, despite the ticket price increase.

This year, the event was held at a former Kibbutz turned into an event facility. This was rather fit for Jenkins for both emphasizes the community. The auditorium was big, the sky was bright & clear, and it was a wonderful day. JFrog folks even made a few Jenkins drapes (that I eventually brought back with me, so expect to see them)

Jenkins User Conference Israel - Coming June 6

Your favorite Butler will visit Israel on June 6 for the Jenkins User Conference Israel. More than 200 people have already registered to hobnob with other Jenkins users and eat like kings.

The agenda is up here. You’ll find a great list of speakers from Israel, Europe and the US to compliment a plethora of treats. There will be an ice cream break, fruits break, beer break and special chef lunch.

Continuous Information - Jenkins Newsletter vol. 4

Volume 4 of Continuous Information came out last night. It contains insights and highlights from founder Kohsuke, the latest growth stats, upcoming event info, Jenkins resources, and more.


  • Jenkins has nearly 20,000 more active installations than it had last June, up from 43,500 to more than 61,000
  • Nearly 100 plugins have been added since late last Fall when we did the last Jenkins survey. Now there are more than 730 plugins
  • Bay Area JUC (Oct 23), JUC Israel (Jun 6) and several other Jenkins events around the world have open registration
  • Latest, greatest Jenkins improvements include a new LTS based on 1.509, more context menu improvements, and master/slave data transfer performance improvement
  • There's also a Security advisory out recommending upgrade to at least 1.502
  • A plethora of Jenkins and Continuous Delivery resources

Registration & Call for Papers Open for JUC Palo Alto

This year, the West Coast Jenkins User Conference will be in Palo Alto rather than San Francisco. If you’re nearby – or even if you’re not – join Kohsuke and other fellow developers for a solid day of Jenkins.

The Call for Papers is open until June 9 (scroll to bottom of page for form).

Munich Hackathon

It's been a while we had a hackathon in Germany. Let's get together, get some coding done, and get to know fellow Jenkins developers! The date is June 15th Saturday.

TNG Technology Consulting, where Stefan Wolf (dependency graph viewer plugin, etc) works, will be hosting us (thanks!)

We'll try to arrange some themes or agenda, based on who's coming and how many of us will be there. For example,

  • If there are many people who have never done a plugin development, we can do a plugin development tutorial.
  • If we see a concentration of devs in a specific area of Jenkins (say mobile), we can try some focused development in a specific area.
  • If you have things you need from the core to do what you want, this is the chance to get that implemented on the spot!
  • If you want to see a certain development happen in Jenkins but don't know how, please make a pitch to us in the form of presentations (short or long) would be welcome

Finally, assuming there's interest, we'll head out somewhere for a dinner afterward.