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New mailing list for better event/meet-up/local community coordination

As per the discussion in the project meeting today, we created a new mailing list for:

  • discussing and coordinating Jenkins related events
  • share knowledge between different local communities
  • helping new organizers by having existing community people offering advices
  • improving visibility and transparency of event organization work

If you are interested in facilitating local communities (being from Japan, I know for a fact that a local community that speaks the native language makes a big difference in many parts of the world!)

The list is open for anyone to join and the archive is public. Looking forward to seeing you in the list.

Fundraising for travel grant

We are trying to raise $2000 travel grants for assisting Jenkins contributors to travel, meet, and strengthen their relationships with the other Jenkins contributors. Specifically, we have FOSDEM and SCALE11x in mind, in which there already are a fair amount of Jenkins contributors concentration.

Being an open-source project, Jenkins developers are highly dispersed, yet a lot gets done in the community through human relationships, just like any other organizations. This poses a challenge, because most of the contributors work on Jenkins on their spare times, and so people are on their own to travel to the shows, creating greater divides between those of us in the U.S., Europe, and in Asia.

This fundraising is a bit of experiment to see if it's worth the money. The goal is to sponsor two people who don't work on Jenkins full time to travel to those events (and hopefully present talks, although that's subject to the acceptance by conferences.) We'll also report back what came out of them.

Saturday night drink-up

Because the dinner looks popular, here's another last minute gathering for JUC San Francisco.

We'll have a small drink-up Saturday night at 21st Amendment (563 2nd Street), like from 6pm to whenever. If you are coming from out of town, you probably are around, so why not join us!

At least abayer, majost, and kohsuke should be there, and hopefully more. If you are coming, please leave a comment in this post so that we get the sense of who to expect!

Take the Jenkins Survey!

Just like the last year, we are running a survey this year, to get some objective insights into what our users would like to see in the project. Obviously, the developers in the project deal with individual bug reports and feature requests all the time, but sometimes those day-to-day issues distract you from a bigger picture.

This year, we kept some of the questions the same, so that we can see the trend. But we also discussed what we wanted to ask among ourselves and revised some more.

The tricky thing about being an open-source project is that it's not like some of us can actually decide what we'll be working on — in the end it's up to individual contributors to decide what they want to work on. So I can't make promises, but in a way, that's precisely why we'd like to get these objective, measurable, quantitative feedbacks. It lets us discuss how to solve the problem, instead of spending time discussing what the problem is.

Dinner after JUC

Jenkins User Conference 2012 San Francisco is this weekend!

Based on the experience from the last year, we are going to make a reservation for a dinner after JUC. If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP. We haven't decided where to go, but we'll place a reservation somewhere (and if you know a good place to go, please tell us, too!), so that we won't have to spend 30 minutes on the street looking for a place for a crowd.

Eating is more fun when there are more people. Please join us!