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Behind the Scenes of the Jenkins User Conference Palo Alto!

The Jenkins User Conference (JUC) Palo Alto is less than two months away! The organizing committee, 13 sponsors and 16 speakers have been hard at work coordinating a fun and educational day for the Jenkins community on October 23. Check out the agenda and see for yourself! Speakers are traveling from around the globe to take part in this conference, including a number of usual suspects. Dedicated Jenkins experts are coming in from London, Israel, Estonia, Sweden, Taiwan, Boston, Seattle, Texas and, of course, the local Bay Area.

New this year, we’ll live stream an entire track, courtesy of our Silver sponsor, Confreaks.

In keeping with tradition, every year we create a one-of-a-kind Jenkins t-shirt for JUC attendees. This year we are sticking with the ever-popular landmark of Palo Alto, Stanford University. And we are going bright…hope you like (Jenkins) red!

Jenkins User Conference Palo Alto 2013

Jenkins User Conference is back to California again!

Just like the last two years, this full day event packs talks from Jenkins developers and users, and it would be a great opportunity for Jenkins users to get to know each other and share their experiences.

The agenda is already posted, covering everything from robotics to mobile developments, effective management of Jenkins instances to branching techniques. I'm personally looking forward to a number of talks from serious large-scale users, and JUC Israel was of any indication, it'd be a great opportunity to get feedback from people.

This year, we are moving the event to a weekday (Oct 23rd) to see if it helps or hurts the attendance. Similarly, the event is now in Palo Alto, as opposed to San Francisco. The site also happens to be a former Sun Microsystems headquarter, a place of some nostalgic value to me.

Jenkins User Event in Copenhagen on September 6

Seize the opportunity to join the Jenkins community!

Just like last year, the Scandinavian Jenkins Conference will be in Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted by Praqma and sponsored by CloudBees, Sony, Switch::Gears, and PRQA. The open source community will gather on September 6th for a full day of networking and knowledge sharing at The Department of Computer Science at The University of Copenhagen.

Conference Site

Based on last year's success, Jenkins developers, architects, business managers, etc. from all over the world will gather to exchange experiences and promote the open source platform. As a special feature the conference will include an opening keynote from Jenkins founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi as well as other industry pioneers, who will take the podium to present findings within the latest technology, best practice, hand-on experiences, etc.

To get updates on the conference follow the JCI13Blog where you can view the latest news on venue and speakers.

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Jenkins User Conference Israel Summary

Jenkins User Conference in Israel was held this year on a different venue than the last year, because we have grown! I believe Shlomi Ben-Haim of JFrog said in his opening speech that the attendance has grown more than 50%, despite the ticket price increase.

This year, the event was held at a former Kibbutz turned into an event facility. This was rather fit for Jenkins for both emphasizes the community. The auditorium was big, the sky was bright & clear, and it was a wonderful day. JFrog folks even made a few Jenkins drapes (that I eventually brought back with me, so expect to see them)

Jenkins User Conference Israel - Coming June 6

Your favorite Butler will visit Israel on June 6 for the Jenkins User Conference Israel. More than 200 people have already registered to hobnob with other Jenkins users and eat like kings.

The agenda is up here. You’ll find a great list of speakers from Israel, Europe and the US to compliment a plethora of treats. There will be an ice cream break, fruits break, beer break and special chef lunch.