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Jenkins' New Look

As you might have noticed Jenkins finally has a brand spankin' new logo! Over the past couple weeks we've run two series of votes, one for the initial 11 logo submissions and then a final, run-off election, for the two most popular choices. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that submitted logos! It is incredibly flattering to have so many people passionate about the project and willing to spend the time creating new art for us.

Runoff election pie chart

At the end of the votes, there was a clear winner though, everybody seems to really love the submission by the folks over at The FrontSide which you can see adorning this very page.

If you'd like to download the SVG version of the logo, or the variants in different sizes, I've gone ahead and uploaded a tarball and all the variants to this directory, there is also a good color palette here (obligatory PDF warning).

Once again, thank you to everybody that participated!

The final two: run-off vote for the new Jenkins logo

A little over a week ago we opened the polls to the larger user-base to vote for the new and improved Jenkins logo. After receiving hundreds of votes, we are now ready to enter the final round of voting (click images to see larger versions in a new window).

Voting will end April 9th at 23:59 UTC, so make sure to tell your friends, coworkers and bus drivers to get their votes in as soon as possible!

Logo #1

Logo #2

The Vote

If the iframe doesn't properly load for you, you can open the form in a new window

San Francisco Jenkins Meetup - Wednesday, April 13th

Engine Yard!We're happy to announce that there'll be a Jenkins meetup in San Francisco on Wed., Apr 13th, generously hosted by Engine Yard. The meetup will start at 6:30 - you can find more information here. Dr Nic Williams of Engine Yard will talk about their use of Jenkins with Ruby, and Kohsuke will give an update on the JRuby plugin development work he and cowboyd have been working on. If you're interesting in giving a short talk on your usage of Jenkins, plugin work, or whatever, there should be time for an open mic. Hope to see you there!

Windows installers are now available

Good portion of Java developers use Windows, so we tend to think the opposite is true, that a good portion of Windows folks use Java. But this is not true.

As Jenkins gains traction among .NET developers, it's becoming increasingly clear that Java is very alien to them. They naturally have no idea of what a war file means, and often don't even have Java installed, and so it was just not easy enough for them to start using Jenkins.

I'm happy to report that I've finally fixed this problem with the new Windows installer. It is primarily packaged as an MSI file — a common format that seasoned Windows devs/admins are familiar with. It can, for example, be deployed remotely on a large number of servers via Active Directory remotely. Or you can just double-click it to install it interactively. It bundles JRE, so no separate Java installation is needed.

The package also contains the bootstrap setup.exe, to install .NET 2.0 runtime if it's not installed yet. Between that and JRE, it got all the dependencies covered. I tested that by installing it on a fresh Windows XP install.

So I hope this makes Jenkins more attractive to .NET and other developers who live and die by Windows.

The polls are open for the Jenkins Logo Contest!

After a number of absolutely fantastic logo submissions from a number of designers, I'm extremely pleased to open the polls on the vote for the brand new Jenkins logo!

The thumbnails do not do any of these logos justice in my opinion, so I recommend opening each logo up in its own tab to get the full effect :)

I plan to end voting March 28th at 12:01 UTC.

The Logos

Logo #1 Logo #2 Logo #3
Logo #4 Logo #5 Logo #6
Logo #7 Logo #8 Logo #9
Logo #10 Logo #11