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JavaOne: Day One in Pictures

In case you haven't been following the frequently updated @hudsonci Twitter stream. Here's a collection of photos I've taken thus far.

Tweet of the Day

Some of you may have been following all the photos posted to the hudsonlabs Flickr account from this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

Alan O'Leary responded to this photo with one of the funniest comments of the day:

This way to JavaOne
"Java and Oracle - 'In Opposite Directions'"

Live Blog: Kohsuke's Presentation at JavaOne

Editor's note: This is a very rough set of notes from Kohsuke Kawaguchi's presentation at JavaOne 2010.

Kohsuke talks to a packed room at #JavaOne

Kohsuke takes the stage, asks "who uses's Hudson" the majority of audience raises their hands

Discussing the great ecosystem using Hudson across the wide-variety of platforms/languages. 330+ community written plugins. Last year at JavaOne we had 230+ plugins

Eclipse Community Survey, Hudson adoption from 9.1% in 2009 to 21.8%

Discussing Hudson adoption, going over Hudson job postings on going up compared to a stagnant Cruise Control.

Kohsuke introduces himself and InfraDNA, started Hudson in 2004/2005.

First steps to CI, 10,000 foot overview of SCM monitoring/build/testing.

Pre-JavaOne Hudson Meetup Redux

Yesterday Digg was kind enough to host and "sponsor" (read: free drinks and pizza!) a Hudson meetup at their offices in San Francisco. While Digg has been the source of some controversy and press due to their recent redesign and corporate shake-ups, as far as the Hudson community goes they've been largely responsible for a great case study on continuous deployment using Hudson and Gerrit.

Thanks to @digg for hosting the #HudsonCI meetup

Attendees included all of InfraDNA (Kohsuke and Kedar), some folks from CloudBees, a number of local users/developers like LewisHam and myself, and to top off the list a couple Oracle employees including Winston Prakash who is now hacking on Hudson inside of Oracle.

As folks started arriving there was a lot of discussion around "Hudson at Scale", specifically regarding Hudson "in the cloud".

JavaOne taking shape

Last night on my way out of San Francisco I stopped by 4th and Howard St to get my first taste of JavaOne/Oracle OpenWorld which was already taking shape at the location. Besides snapping the photo below, I also managed to get yelled out by an old woman wearing a red "security" jacket; suffice to say my JavaOne experience is already everything I expected!

Oracle taking over Howard St

Unlike last year's Oracle OpenWorld, which also shut down this segment of Howard St in San Francisco and took over the adjacent Yerba Buena Gardens, this event will be crammed together with JavaOne. 20100917_003.jpg

At this point I'm not sure what I can expect as far as the JavaOne portion of the event goes, we do have two Hudson related events scheduled: