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Jenkins User Conference: Call for Papers

As we announced yesterday, we are organizing a Jenkins User Conference, and we are delighted to announce its Call for Papers is now open. We are looking forward to receiving amazing proposals from infrastructure experts to novice developers in the Jenkins community. Use your creativity. Share and showcase your unique approach to utilizing Jenkins technology. We do not encourage overt marketing pitches. We encourage breakout sessions, work shops, good case studies with transferable, tangible lessons and other topics like:
  • plug-in development
  • Specific Jenkins applications that solve testing/building problems in particular areas: mobility, enterprise/web/cloud applications, and UI testing
  • Beyond Java (i.e Jenkins w/ PHP, Ruby, etc)
  • Jenkins best practices, lessons learned, case studies, tips and tricks
  • Lightning Talks (10 min)

IMPORTANT: Submit your proposal as soon as possible to CFP alias. Call for Papers closes Sept 1, 2011.

Sessions are 50 min long. In your proposal pls include the following info:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Email
  • twiter id
  • Company/website
  • Paper Title
  • Audience Level (General, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
  • Paper Abstract
  • Your bio

Jenkins User Conference

We've done meetups, we've done sessions, we've done workshops, now it's about time we went ahead and did user conference don't you think?

Our pals over at CloudBees (Harpeet specifically) have taken the initiative in starting to organize just that: a Jenkins User Conference on October 2nd.

If you have your calendar at the ready, you'll notice that October 2nd is the Sunday before JavaOne kicks off this year in San Francisco.

The details are still coming together, but a proposed agenda has already been posted by Harpeet.

As this is a community event, I'll be sure to keep the updates coming on this site but you may want to add the CloudBees' Blog to your feed reader just in case (or just follow them on Twitter: @CloudBees).

Jenkins Office Hours, now officially a bi-weekly event

In May, we launched Jenkins Office Hours. This was inspired by Jenkins Ruby hack sessions by cowboyd, and the idea is to use an interactive online meeting to drive some sub-projects, bootstrap new plugin developers by pointing them to the right extension points, and/or bringing existing community members to discuss some specific key parts of Jenkins and its plugins.

The first two meetings were very popular, but our trial WebEx account expired, and since then we were looking for a sponsor to host this event. And I am happy to report that with a help from Max Spring, now we can get the office hours going again.

So the Jenkins office hours will be bi-weekly events, starting this Wednesday (6/29). See the wiki page for details and agenda. Looking forward to seeing you!

Jenkins Long-Term Support Release

We have released 1.409.1, our first long-term support (LTS) release, from the Jenkins project.

The idea of the LTS release is to provide a second release line the favors more stability and bug fix only maintenance. This release line branches off from a bit old Jenkins release (in this case 1.409), and we will only put important backported bug fixes. We'll keep releasing 1.409.2, 1.409.3, and so on, as such bugs appear, and in several months (our current thinking is 3 months) we'll designate another release and repeat this process all over again. I think it provides more comfortable upgrade path for larger deployments. For more about this, see Wiki.

In large companies that use Jenkins in a large scale, there often is a team of people who looks at incoming Jenkins release, tests it with their environments and their plugins, and then let their internal group consume them. With this release line, I'm calling for them to join the effort on this branch. Vojtech Juranek from Red Hat is already helping us tremendously, so is Yahoo in choosing the base release line and backporting. But it'd be great to get more people on board, as I think it'll benefit everyone to have a larger number of eyeballs on the same code.

Upcoming Events in June and early July

I've just added three events coming up in the next few weeks to the Jenkins calendar. Conveniently, they are all events I'll be attending while traveling around Western Europe!

  • The Cologne JUG is having a meetup on Saturday, June 25th, starting at 2pm. We'll be talking about Jenkins, maybe doing some coding, and then heading out for drinks and more talk! You can find more information and sign up at Xing.

  • A few days later, TNG Technology Consulting is generously hosting a meetup in Munich, on Wednesday, June 30th, starting at 3pm. I'll be giving a quick talk on the state of the Jenkins project, followed by Ullrich Haffner (the author of the static analysis plugins for Jenkins) giving a quick talk on how those plugins are used. After that, we'll be having a hackathon, and then more beer! Again, you can find more information and sign up at Xing.

  • A week later, the London CI meetup group is hosting a meetup as well, on Wednesday, July 6th, starting at 6:30pm. We'll be meeting up at the Royal Festival Hall for discussion and drinking. You can find more information and sign up at Meetup.

Do you have a Jenkins event you'd like to have added to our calendar? Let us know!