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Jenkins User Conference 2012 Paris

(English text follows the French text)

Après le succès de la Jenkins User Conference l’an dernier à San Francisco et à l’intérêt qu’elle a soulevé, nous organisons cette année la JUC dans quatre grande villes à travers le monde. La premiére étape de cette tournée est la JUC 2012 à Paris, le 17 avril. La conférence aura lieu la veille de Devoxx France dans les mêmes locaux. La date a été spécialement choisie pour que vous puissiez faire d’une pierre deux coups, ou plutôt deux confs !

Happy birthday Jenkins!

On February 2nd, 2011 the first release of Jenkins, version 1.396, was made available for public consumption. Thus marking a new beginning for many of us who had come to rely on this very versatile piece of software and wanted to see it continue to thrive.

Along with some other bug fixes, the 1.396 release of Jenkins included a very important changelog item:

Fixed a trademark bug that caused a considerable fiasco by renaming to Jenkins

On behalf of the core Jenkins team and the governance board I would like to extend a extremely large Thank You! to all of the plugin developers, bug filers, wiki page editors, book authors and the users who have helped grow Jenkins into the project it is today.

Some of the tidbits from our highlight reel:

  • As of this writing there have been 54 releases of Jenkins
  • Jenkins now supports writing plugins in Ruby as well as Java (more languages in the process)
  • We have 7 high-speed mirrors streaming Jenkins packages to users around the world.
  • There are now over 450 different plugins available for Jenkins
  • Over 80 donors participated in our end of year fundraising drive
  • 5 "Long Term Support" releases have been published by the Jenkins community, offering users a slower moving upgrade target (supported even further by CloudBees' Enterprise Jenkins product)
  • Public project governance meetings are held and recorded (almost) every couple of weeks.
  • More than 340 individuals contribute on GitHub to the project in some form or another.
  • About 750 members of the developers mailing list and around 1700 on the users mailing list

There are many other impressive sounding numbers I could rattle off, but the list is far too long to be interesting.

The project isn't perfect and nor is the software, but we're off to a fine start and I hope you'll join us in making this next year of Jenkins even better than the first.

Highlight video from JUC 2011

A slick highlight video from the Jenkins User Conference, 2011 was posted recently which captures some great quotes from a number of the fantastic speakers who participated in the inaugural JUC.

I've embedded the video below, enjoy!

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