Los Altos Hackathon This Friday

What better way to end the year than to come join a little Jenkins hackathon this Friday afternoon with Kohsuke (the core developer), Max Spring (Jenkow plugin), and hopefully other Jenkins hackers?

We'll do this at CloudBees Los Altos office, starting around Friday 1pm.
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Office hours next week: metadata plugin

The last Jenkins office hour of the year hosts Robert Sandell and Tomas Westling, who will go over newly open-sourced metadata plugin from Sony Mobile Communications (more about this story on their website). This team from Sony Mobile has been known for several other popular plugins, including the Gerrit trigger plugin. And I think this latest batch of plugins will not disappoint!

As I understand, this plugin is a library plugin, which is primarily meant to be consumed by other plugins. With help of other plugins using this plugin, it can classify jobs and slaves by adding metadata tags to them. This in turn enables more intelligent scheduling, views, access control, and so on.

Sponsor Jenkins bugs with Freedom Sponsors

(This is a guest post by Tony França)

Hi all, my name is Tony, I'm the creator of (FreedomSponsors) and today I want to talk how Jenkins has inspired me to build it.

Before starting, I'd like to thank the Jenkins crew for letting me publish this guest post in their blog. On top of that, thank you for maintaining Jenkins as well - I'm a big fan and a heavy user. Jenkins potential to make peoples lives easier is really amazing. You guys are amazing. And Kohsuke, you're my personal hero :-)

All right, that being said, let's move on with the story.

Most people who like FreedomSponsors probably don't know that Jenkins is sort of the reason it exists in the first place. That's right, if it wasn't for Jenkins I'd probably never had the idea for FS.

This is how it happened.

I was playing with the (Jenkins OpenID plugin), and I was having some trouble with it. After a little research, I found that there was a JIRA bug for it - (JENKINS-9216: Make OpenID work with Google Apps accounts).

"Bummer" - I thought - "Maybe I can try to debug it.

Critical security advisory in Jenkins core

We've identified and fixed a critical security vulnerabilities in Jenkins core. This affects all the releases of Jenkins to date (main line releases up to 1.452 and LTS up to 1.424.3.) Please upgrade to the new releases at your earliest convenience, especially if your Jenkins is internet facing.

For more details about the vulnerabilities, affected versions, and so on, please consult the security advisory.

(See our Wiki page about security advisories about how we do these.)

Building Jenkins plugins with Gradle

Until now, Jenkins plugins written in Java or Groovy could only be built with Maven, using the maven-hpi-plugin to generate a proper manifest and archive which Jenkins can consume. But starting now, you can also use Gradle!

See the wiki for information on how you can use Gradle and the new gradle-jpi-plugin to build, test and release your Java or Groovy Jenkins plugin.