October 2011

Report bugs and win Kindle

CloudBees is running a 60-days "bring me bugs" contest for the Jenkins project where you may win a Kindle and Amazon gift cards for a bug report you made during the contest period. See the linked site for details about how to enter into the drawing. Greg Moy from Electronic Arts has already won for the first week, but there are more rounds to come.

Several years ago Sun did the same thing around GlassFish, and it was useful to drive more participations into the project. Whether or not you were around the last time, don't forget to participate this time.

Andrew Bayer discusses Jenkins with Tim O'Brien

Recently, Jenkins Interim Governance Board member and core contributor, Andrew Bayer sat down with Tim O'Brien to discuss the Jenkins project.

You can watch the video on YouTube or via the embed below.

CI Dinner Wednesday at 6:30

Photo from inside Cafe ChaatApologies for the late notice, I think most of us have been pre-occupied with that fantastic Jenkins User Conference. While there are plenty of folks in town for JavaOne, I wanted to host a meetup/dinner at Cafe Chaat here in San Francisco.

If you're coming from JavaOne directly, use these directions

If you're coming from Oracle OpenWorld, use these directions

Kohsuke will be in attendance as will some other Jenkins User Conference speakers, so if you still have left-over questions, I'm sure you can get them answered before the last of the Mango Lassi is finished!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Jenkins next week: JUC, JavaOne, and oh my!

Next two weeks are busy weeks for Jenkins!

The biggest event is of course the world's first ever Jenkins User Conference at San Francisco, Sunday. The event is full now, but the talks will be recorded.

On Monday from 12:30pm (Embarcadero room at Parc 55), Kohsuke will be talking about pre-tested commits in Jenkins (not just for Git but also for Subversion!), as well as the quick recap of the current project status. On the same day in the evening, from 8pm, there will be a community meetup BOF. Andrew and I will be there. Andrew has some slides that he can go over, but it's really up to the attendees to decide what they want us to talk about.

I'll be also at the CloudBees booth in the vendor expo in JavaOne, so if you are around, please drop by and say hello!

After that, I'll be heading to Tokyo, where 14 people will have the first ever 3-day Jenkins hack camp, complete with a hot spring, the traditional Japanese style. I'll be hosting a short plugin development course there as well.