August 2011

An important project meeting this Wednesday

After a couple weeks of slacking, this Wednesday Sept. 31st we're holding another scheduled project meeting. In our defense, many of the core project leaders (such as Kohsuke) were either traveling or otherwise unavailable.

This week's meeting agenda is long, we have much to discuss so please join us on IRC!. We'll be discussing, among other things:

We hope to see you on IRC at 11:00 PDT (or 18:00 UTC)!

Event Date/Time: 
Wed, 2011-08-31 11:00

Jenkins User Meeting in Rennes

See more details t Breizh JUG website

Event Date/Time: 
Sun, 2011-10-02 17:00

Jenkins User Conference

The first Jenkins User Conference (JUC) brings Jenkins experts and enthusiasts together for an invaluable day of Jenkins-focused learning and networking opportunities.

Join other Jenkins developers at this FREE event to learn and discuss best practices, plug-in development, building on-premise Java or cloud applications and more.

Event Date/Time: 
Sun, 2011-10-02 02:00

Jenkins User Conference: Call for Papers

As we announced yesterday, we are organizing a Jenkins User Conference, and we are delighted to announce its Call for Papers is now open. We are looking forward to receiving amazing proposals from infrastructure experts to novice developers in the Jenkins community. Use your creativity. Share and showcase your unique approach to utilizing Jenkins technology. We do not encourage overt marketing pitches. We encourage breakout sessions, work shops, good case studies with transferable, tangible lessons and other topics like:
  • plug-in development
  • Specific Jenkins applications that solve testing/building problems in particular areas: mobility, enterprise/web/cloud applications, and UI testing
  • Beyond Java (i.e Jenkins w/ PHP, Ruby, etc)
  • Jenkins best practices, lessons learned, case studies, tips and tricks
  • Lightning Talks (10 min)

IMPORTANT: Submit your proposal as soon as possible to CFP alias. Call for Papers closes Sept 1, 2011.

Sessions are 50 min long. In your proposal pls include the following info:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Email
  • twiter id
  • Company/website
  • Paper Title
  • Audience Level (General, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
  • Paper Abstract
  • Your bio

JRuby Branch merged!

Yesterday, Kohsuke announced that the 'jruby' branch of jenkins-core had been merged to master.

This doesn't mean that we're done and that you can go forth and write pure ruby plugins... not by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, what it does mean, is that the Jenkins mainline is much more friendly to runtime analysis of classes with which it is not familiar.

The problem

When analyzing plugin classes, Jenkins uses just about every kind of metadata you can think of to get information about them: Class name, Field names, method names, member modifiers, annotations, you name it. It even uses the containing class relationship for inner classes to match Descriptors with what they describe.

It's all a great example of convention over configuration (CoC). In fact, I've never really seen CoC implemented in a Java project before as successfully as it has been in Jenkins. Plugin authors don't have to duplicate any metadata that Jenkins can figure out for you -- and it's alot! The drawback though, is that extensions depend very heavily on conforming to the structure of a conventional Java class.

The changes in this merge, and in several of the modules on which Jenkins depends, allow more than ever to get this information by asking an object directly rather than querying its private class structure.

The Kicker

Many of theses changes aren't even JRuby specific! While they do enable JRuby integration, They're really just making things more friendly for dynamic languages in general. So, in theory, it should pave the way for others like JavaScript and Python.

Where now?

We're still working on the ruby runtime and tools which will provide as crisp a Ruby development experience as we can. I don't want to proffer an estimate of when those will begin to be useable, but it is important to mark this very important milestone and explain what it does and does not mean.

We need you!

There is still much work to be done to enable a writing Jenkins plugins in Ruby, we are looking for people who know Ruby and feel like pitching in: writing Rake tasks, improving the glue layer, documentation, etc.

If you're interested, most of the action is happening on the mailing list, so join us!

Jenkins User Conference

We've done meetups, we've done sessions, we've done workshops, now it's about time we went ahead and did user conference don't you think?

Our pals over at CloudBees (Harpeet specifically) have taken the initiative in starting to organize just that: a Jenkins User Conference on October 2nd.

If you have your calendar at the ready, you'll notice that October 2nd is the Sunday before JavaOne kicks off this year in San Francisco.

The details are still coming together, but a proposed agenda has already been posted by Harpeet.

As this is a community event, I'll be sure to keep the updates coming on this site but you may want to add the CloudBees' Blog to your feed reader just in case (or just follow them on Twitter: @CloudBees).