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JUC Israel report

Fri, 2014-07-18 07:52

This year marks the 3rd annual Jenkins User Conference in Israel. While the timing of the event turned out to be less than ideal for reasons beyond our control, that didn't stop 400 Jenkins users from showing up at the "explosive" event at a seaside hotel near Tel Aviv.

Shlomi Ben-Haim kicked off the conference by reporting that JUC Israel just keeps getting bigger, and that we sold out 2 weeks earlier and the team had to turn down people who really wanted to come in. The degree of adoption of Jenkins is amazing in this part of the world, and we might have to find a bigger venue next year to accomodate everyone who wants to come.

It turns out most of the talks were in Hebrew, so it was difficult for me to really understand what's going on, but the talks ranged from highly technical ones like how to provision Jenkins from configuration management (the server as welll as jobs), all the way to more culture focused one like how to deploy CD practice in an organization. Companies large and small were well represented, and I met with a number of folks who actively contribute to the community.

There were a lot of hall way conversations, and those of us at the booth had busy time.

Thanks everyone who came, thanks JFrog for being on the ground for the event (and congratulations for the new round of funding) and CloudBees for hosting the event. Please let us know if there are things we can do better, and see you again next year!

Planned changes in Jenkins User Conference contact information collection

Wed, 2014-07-09 16:10

One of the challenges of running Jenkins User Conferences is to ballance the interest of attendees and the interest of sponsors. Sponsors would like to know more about attendees, but attendees are often weary of getting contacted. Our past few JUCs have been run by making it opt-in to have the contact information passed to sponsors, but the ratio of people who opt-in is too low. So we started thinking about adjusting this.

So our current plan is to reduce the amount of data we collect and pass on, but to make this automatic for every attendee. Specifically, we'd limit the data only to name, company, e-mail, and city/state/country you are from. But no phone number, no street address, etc. We discussed this in the last project meeting, and people generally seem to think this is reasonable. That said, this is a sensitive issue, so we wanted more people to be aware.

By the way, the call for papers to JUC Bay Area is about to close in a few days. If you are interested in giving a talk (and that's often the best way to get feedback and take credit on your work), please make sure to submit it this week.

Workflow plugin tutorial: writing a Step impl

Tue, 2014-07-08 15:36

The other day I was explaining how to implement a new workflow primitive to Vivek Pandey, and I captured it as a recording.

The recording goes over how to implement the Step extension point, which is the workflow equivalent of BuildStep extension point. If you are interested in jumping on the workflow plugin hacking, this might be useful (and don't forget to get in touch with us so that we can help you!)

Jenkins User Event & Code Camp 2014, Copenhagen

Thu, 2014-07-03 09:28

This is a guest post from Adam Henriques.

On August 22nd Jenkins CI enthusiasts will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark for the 3rd consecutive year for a day of networking and knowledge sharing. Over the past two years the event has grown and this year we are expecting a record number of participants representing Jenkins CI experts, enthusiasts, and users from all over the world.

The Jenkins CI User Event Copenhagen has become cynosure for the Scandinavian Jenkins community to come together and share new ideas, network, and harness inspiration from peers. The program offers invited as well as contributed speaks, tech talks, case stories, and facilitated Open Space discussions on best practice and application of continuous integration and agile development with Jenkins.

The Jenkins CI Code Camp 2014

The Jenkins CI User Event will be kicked off by The Jenkins CI Code Camp on August 21st, the day before the User Event. Featuring Jenkins frontrunners, this full day community driven event has become very popular, where Jenkins peers band together to contribute content back to the community. The intended audience is both experienced Jenkins developers and developers who are looking to get started with Jenkins plugin development.

For more information please visit the Jenkins CI User Event 2014, Copenhagen website.

JUC Berlin summary

Thu, 2014-07-03 09:23

After a very successful JUC Boston we headed over to Berlin for JUC Berlin. I've heard the attendance number was comparable to that of JUC Boston, with close to 400 people registered and 350+ people who came.

The event kicked off at a pre-conference beer garden meetup, except it turned out that the venue was closed on that day and we had to make an emergency switch to another nearby place, and missed some people during that fiasco. My apologies for that.

But the level of the talks during the day more than made up for my failing. They covered everything from large user use cases from BMW to Android builds, continuous delivery to Docker, then of course workflow!

One of the key attractions of events like this is actually meeting people you interact with. There are all the usual suspects of the community, including some who I've met for the first time.

Most of the slides are up, and I believe the video recordings will be uploaded shortly, if you missed the event.

Pictures from JUC and cdSummit

Thu, 2014-07-03 09:06

I've uploaded pictures I've taken during JUC Boston and JUC Berlin.

JUC Berlin pictures starts with pre-conference beer garden meet-up. See Vincent Latombe gives a talk about Literate plugin. I really appreciated his coming to this despite the fact that the event was only a few days before his wedding:

In JUC Boston pictures, you can see some nice Jenkins lighting effect, as well as my fellow colleague Corey Phelan using World Cup to lure attendees into a booth:

Pictures from the cdSummits are also available here and here.

If you have taken pictures, please share with us as your comment here so that others can see them.

Jenkins Office Hours: dotCi

Thu, 2014-07-03 08:51

Surya walked us through the dotCI source code yesterday, and a bunch of ideas about how to reuse pieces are discussed. The recording is on YouTube, and my notes are here.

Jenkins Office Hours: dotCi

Tue, 2014-07-01 12:19

Tomorrow in Jenkins office hours, Surya Gaddipati will be going over DotCi, a package of features that integrates Jenkins closely with GitHub, configuration via .ci.yml file in source tree, built-in Docker support and MongoDB backend.

I think there's a number of interesting pieces here that could be split into individual plugins for reuse, and possible alignment with existing efforts like Script Security plugin or Literate plugin.

To record the show, this event will be in a different hangout from the usual one, but the time is the same. Looking forward to seeing you!

Jenkins User Meet-up in London?

Tue, 2014-07-01 11:49

I'll be visiting London in early September, and if possible I'd love to organize some get together of Jenkins users/devs. I wonder if anyone is interested in hosting the event?

I think it just needs to fit 20 or so people, so all we need is a single conference room somewhere in London. If you think you might be able to help, please drop us a note at the events list.

JUC Boston, what a day!

Fri, 2014-06-20 06:01

We kicked off this year's Jenkins User Conference world tour in Boston this Wednesday. The event was well-attended with more than 450 people registered and 400+ people showed up. So big thank you for everyone who came!

Workflow plugin that Jesse presented was a big hit and lit up twittersphere, and while I was only able to listen to parts of sessions as people had questions and comments for me, ones that I've seen were great. Alyssa told me that the sponsors were happy too, which is also important to keep events like this going.

Perhaps the biggest hit of all was the "get drunk on the code show by Steven Christou. When I got in, he packed 30 or so people in the room learning how to write a simple Jenkins plugin, and all the beer bottles were long gone!

One of the "fun" activities we did during the event was a trivia quiz. I'm happy to announce the winners here — Tamara from IBM and Prabhu from Staples. Congrats for your Amazon gift cards!

During the show, I've heard from several people that they'd love to see more regular local meet-ups. Duncan had shown interest in organizing, and Jesse is a Bostonian, so please encourage them to get one going

JUC Europe Sneak Peak: Integrated Pipelines

Thu, 2014-06-19 09:29

This is a guest post from Markos Rendell, a Senior Manager at Accenture.

I am very much looking forward to the Jenkins User Conference in Berlin next week which I will be attending with a three other members of my team. We are all very passionate about automation, infrastructure-as-code, configuration management and of course… Jenkins.

My team and I specialize in implementing continuous delivery for large scale transformation deliveries. We work with a wide range of technologies from open source, packaged products, through to software-as-a-service. We work with physical infrastructure, private cloud, public cloud and platforms-as-a-service, but there is one almost uniquely common factor… using Jenkins.

At the conference I will be expecting to exchange views with others using Jenkins at similar scale and am particularly interested in sessions covering using Jenkins with Docker and making Jenkins more resilient.

I am also looking forward to presenting this lightening talk where I will be demoing ways in which we’ve extended Jenkins to implement complex integrated pipelines for large-scale software implementations. See here for a sneak preview.

Get together at beer garden for JUC Berlin

Mon, 2014-06-16 12:11

There'll be a number of active community people in the event, so let's take advantages of that and meet up. And there's no better place to do it than a beer garden in summer!

If you are coming to JUC Berlin, I've just set up an RSVP page for a beer garden get together the day before, and another dinner afterward.

Looking forward to seeing you!

JUC speaker sneakpeak: A build ecosystem for loosely compiled code

Wed, 2014-06-11 20:21

We're getting excited about the Boston and Berlin JUC's in the next two weeks! Here's a preview of Forest Handford's upcoming JUC-US East Lightning Talk on June 18...

When MEDITECH migrated to Subversion from a home-grown first generation version control system we needed a way to get the code compiled and sent to the running server. We selected Jenkins as our build server, with the hope of eventually using it for CI.

A MEDITECH application consists of hundreds of source files. Each source file translates to an object code file that the interpreter executes. This is one of the last major projects I worked on prior to leaving MEDITECH to work at Carbonite. In my Lightning Talk, "A Build Eco-System for Loosely Compiled Code," I'll discuss the toughest challenges my team had in getting Jenkins to work as our build server and how we eventually overcame them.

Staff from both Carbonite and MEDITECH will be in attendance. Both companies are hiring!

You'll find more great talks in the full JUC-US East agenda and the JUC-Europe agenda.

Two Weeks Till Jenkins User Conference Berlin

Tue, 2014-06-10 19:59

Following right on the heels of our US-East Jenkins User Conference in Boston, we have JUC Europe in Berlin on June 25. Like the East Coast conference, the Berlin one is almost full, so sign up while you can.

Our venue in Berlin is KOSMOS, a building with a fascinating history. The building was inaugurated as a cinema in 1961. With 1001 seats, it was the largest, most modern and most popular film theatre in the former GDR and has since been extensively modernized in line with the requirements of historically listed buildings.

We have an excellent line-up of speakers filling up two conference tracks.

Once again, we have some fabulous sponsors to thank. Without them, there would be no JUC.

This year we’ve introduced a new Community sponsorship level, which allows non-corporate groups like JUGSs to help support the conference as well. (Drop a note to juc-oc-ext AT cloudbees DOT com if your group is interested).

We are very grateful to all of our sponsors – thank you! Hopefully see everyone at JUC.

PS – if you are coming to Berlin for JUC, check out the CD Summit on June 24 at the same venue. There’s also one on June 19 in NYC. The summit will focus on how continuous integration with Jenkins streamlines processes and automates testing and deployment, providing the foundation you need for continuous delivery.

Celebrating 100,000

Tue, 2014-06-10 10:20
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to take a moment to note that today JenkinsHeaven had its 100,000th page view.

Who would have thought it!  I certainly wasn't expecting it.  I am more than a little amazed.

I have endeavored to post content that is not only fun to read but is also useful and quality material.  I have taken a hiatus from writing posts as I am focused on finding a new job since being made redundant from my last employer after 12 years.  I will continue upholding my own high standards with quality posts you have come to expect once I find my next role.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Till next time.


Cyber Dojo for teaching TDD

Tue, 2014-06-10 01:00
I’ve been teaching “Agile Projects” (yes, the title does feel a bit strange) to undergraduate students for a few years, and I’ve always took that opportunity to spend half a day on TDD. That meant me demo’ing a test-first implementation … Continue reading →

Thinking about moving on to Servlet 3.0

Mon, 2014-06-09 16:35

One of the current efforts under way in the dev list is driven by Tom Fennelly et al, who is working on introducing a series of small ball improvements to the user interface in Jenkins. If this is something you are interested in (and who aren't?), you should see Kevin Burke's manifest that sets out the plan of attack, and This mega thread on the dev list for the discussion.

There are numerous sub-conversations born out of this, and one of them is the minimum required servlet spec version for Jenkins.

Jenkins devs are thinking about ways to update page contents post load, for example so that the list view will keep updating as stuff happens. WebSocket was discussed as an option, and then server-side events, which seems to be the current favorite.

To use any of those async HTTP features, we need servlet 3.0. Unfortunately, if we are to do it, Jenkins will not run on earlier versions of the container. There's no graceful fallback that works with servlet 2.5 containers due to the way servlet 3.0 is written.

So I looked into the impact of this change to the users.

It turns out that the most users run Jenkins through java -jar jenkins.war, which are already running servlet 3.0 compatible Winstone 2.x (based on Jetty 8.) And people running newer version of Jenkins tends to run newer version of containers. When I look at people who are running >=1.509 and later, 70% of them run on servlet 3 compatible container. The number for >=1.532 is 84%, then for >=1.554 it's 94%.

When I look at which container is dragging us down as of >= 1.554, you see that there's a sizable Tomcat6 deployments (2.5%). If we start requiring Servlet 3.0 these people will be in a nasty surprise. Then there's about 1.8% who claims to be running on Winstone 0.9.10, which is really puzzling, but I'm assuming these people are getting OEM-ed Jenkins of a sort (multiple large companies are known to do this), so these people will likely be able to update to Winstone 2.x automatically by virtue of getting a new jenkins.war from their upstream. So all in all I'd say if we start requiring servlet 3.0 today, there'll be about 3% user base who will be impacted.

This post is a trial balloon to see the community reaction to this idea. If you have reasons to argue against us moving to servlet 3.0, we'd like to hear from you — please share your thoughts on our issue tracker!

Other events for JUC visitors: CD seminar

Fri, 2014-06-06 10:40

If you will be on the US East Coast or in Berlin for JUC, some of the JUC sponsors are organizing separate events called Continuous Delivery Seminar, which might be of interest to you. These events focus more on higher-level business value questions as well as vendor solutions that are difficult in community-focused JUC.

  • New York City on June 19, the day after JUC US East — headlined by Forrester Research analyst Kurt Bittner
  • Berlin on June 24, the day before JUC Europe — headlined by Jan Hagen, author of Confronting Mistakes: Lessons from the Aviation Industry when Dealing with Errors

Read more about the events here. The events are free and I've heard that there'll be some souveniors. I'm one of the speakers, and I'll be talking about Jenkins, as always!

Get drunk on the code in JUC-Boston

Thu, 2014-06-05 18:35

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Steven Christou. Many of you might know me on IRC as schristou, my github id as christ66, or my twitter handle @schristou88. In Jenkins, I am currently working on some significant improvements to the subversion-plugin, along with various random bug fixes. I am also the current maintainer of Cobertura, an open source code coverage tool for java. Prior to working on Jenkins, I was working on Hudson at the Eclipse Foundation.

While working on Jenkins, I usually get requests (usually in IRC) about where to start when writing a plugin. Some examples are "Where do I start?" or "Do you have any examples?". Well at JUC Boston, I will be hosting a small lecture called Get Drunk on the Code! I will be giving the lecture in the rooms "Back Bay" (1 & 2) where people will be able to sit down, drink a beer, and learn how to write a Jenkins plugin! I will be teaching people everything from how to get started, to some advanced techniques like writing a new CLI Command, and writing your own builder. I forgot to mention that I will be handing out beer while this is happening!

This session will be happening after the exhibit break from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. It will be two hours where I will be walking around, and helping users if they encounter any issues while the session is happening. So grab your laptop, a beer and get drunk on the code! Don't get too drunk, but if you do at least you can improve the beer plugin!"

Jenkins User Conference Boston is around the corner!

Tue, 2014-06-03 20:27

Only a few weeks until our Jenkins User Conference US East kicks off in Boston on June 18. Right now more than 300 people have registered and we’ve had to release more tickets! If you will be anywhere near New England on June 18, sign up fast so you don’t miss the fun.

This year marks the butler’s first conference tour to New England. He has chosen the fabulous Seaport hotel on the waterfront for a venue — a hotel that's far better than what I usually stay in :-). You can even take a water taxi to see the sites or get to and from the airport. For airport transfers, you can also just hop on the silver line bus and arrive across the street from the hotel (the stop is called "World Trade Center Station".)

This year we have an incredible line-up of speakers. Attendees will be well fed, caffeinated, and even pickled if they choose... the afternoon break will feature BEvERages. And everyone gets this year’s Jenkins World Tour t-shirt.

Nothing about conference-throwing is cheap, so we’d like to take a moment to thank our generous JUC US East sponsors. It speaks so well for the JUC community that so many companies have stepped up to support Jenkins and produce a first-class conference. So here is the shout-out for them: